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Make your way to a children’s classic theatre presentation as the Clowes 4 Kids presents the Frindle show. Those interested in taking their children to a show full of fun should get their hands on Frindle tickets as soon as possible. The show will feature the story from the novel named Frindle that was written by Andrew Clements back in 1996. Clements is a popular children’s author who had gained fame for creating picture books and writing children’s stories. Frindle was the author’s first children’s novel as in the past most of his work included picture stories. Clements has written countless books such as Bird Adalbert, Noah and the Arks and the Animals, Big Al, Mother Earth’s Counting Book, Temple Cat, Santa’s Secret Helper, The Mouse Family, Workshop and The Christmas Kitten.

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Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Frindle Clowes Memorial Hall Indianapolis Friday
4/13/2018 10:00 AM
Frindle Clowes Memorial Hall Indianapolis Friday
4/13/2018 12:00 PM

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About Frindle

Frindle was published by Aladdin Paperbacks and distributed throughout the United States in 1996. This children’s book became a favorite among not only children but also grownups. Because of its popularity, it received thirty five awards and honors. Some of these awards include the Christopher Award, the Georgia Children’s Books Award, Zyakafoo Children’s Book Award, the Judy Lopez Memorial Honor Book and the Great Stone Face Book Award which given in the year 1997. The Massachusetts Children’s Book Award, William Allen White Children’s Book Award, Maud Hart Lovelace Award were given in the year 1998.

The plot of the book revolves around a fifth grader named Nicholas Allen, who tries to waste his English teacher’s time in class by asking her where all the words come from. The English teacher, Mrs. Granger, tells Nicholas to figure it out himself and gives him a research assignment as homework. The story then describes how Nicholas starts working on his assignment with his pen that he names Frindle. This nickname that Nicholas creates for his pen soon becomes famous and every child at the school starts calling their pens “Frindle”. However, when Mrs. Granger finds out what Nicholas has done, she gets furious for Nicholas has caused disrespect to the actual word pen. She then asks for all the students to stop using this word and gives detention to all those who refuse to listen to her. However, matters go out of hand, as Mrs. Granger cannot simply detain the entire school. The story takes a number of twists and turns hence onwards.

The story then takes the children to the time where Nicholas is an adult, living in his house. One day he receives a package in which Mrs. Granger has sent Nicholas the updated version of the Dictionary, in which the world Frindle has been added. She also writes a note in which she claims that the only reason she didn’t support Nicholas was so that Nicholas’s word could become popular. The end of the story holds a surprise for the readers. The unexpected twists provided by the author makes is one of the most interesting and meaningful stories written for children. Because of the note of seriousness included the writing, adults have always enjoyed the read as well.

Make your way to this delightful play as Clements’ book comes to life on stage and educates your children to believe in themselves and realize their true potential. This is one special children show that shouldn’t be missed. The Frindle show will take place at the Clowes Memorial Hall that is located at the Butler University in the city of Indianapolis. Inaugurated back in 1963, this complex remains to this day a popular venue for classic plays, theatricals, musicals and dance performances. Purchase your cheap Frindle tickets today, if you wish to attend this upcoming show.

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