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The Fox Valley Symphony Legends is a spectacular concert featuring the renowned pianist, Andreas Klein, performing alongside the fabled Fox Valley Symphony orchestra. This event is slated to take place soon and will undoubtedly feature an experience that is unmatched in the world of classical music. With one of the country’s best known orchestras and one of the world’s most superb pianists, this is an event that has already seen many book Fox Valley Symphony Legends tickets, an act anyone who wants to see the concert live can do.

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Fox Valley Symphony Legends

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra: Modern American Legends Thrivent Financial Hall At Fox Cities Performing Arts Center Appleton Saturday
2/3/2018 7:30 PM

About Fox Valley Symphony Legends

The Fox Valley Symphony Legends will feature the classical composition, Schubert/Liszt: Wanderer Fantasy, D. 760, op. 15 as well as the Bruckner: Symphony #4. It will include a talk before the concert which will also feature pianist Andreas Klein. He is a German pianist who has established a repute all over the world for his compelling and dynamic performances. His interpretations of classical pieces of music, done in a highly imaginative and intriguing manner, bring the music to life complete with vivid colors and are a feast for the senses. This is a piece best seen live via Symphony Legends Fox Valley tickets.
The New York Times has praised Andreas Klein, chief performer at the Fox Valley Symphony Legends concert, as being a fascinating artist with a number of spectacular qualities, the so-called four Ts of pianism; taste, tone, touch and temperament. They have gone so far as to praise him as a pianist who makes even silence sound like music. The Eugene Register Guard, commenting upon his performance, have dubbed him a superb pianist with a brilliant and powerful yet graceful technique. They have gone on to praise his performances and concerts as keeping the audience in a state of permanent excitement, holding their breaths.
Andreas Klein is set to perform one of the greatest pieces of piano music ever written by Franz Schubert, The Wanderer Fantasy in the Fox Valley Symphony Legends concert. This classical composition was opened to the world back in 1822 and has since then not only become one of the best pieces by Schubert but also one of the premier compositions in piano music. The Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra will be performing Bruckner’s Symphony No. 4 at this concert which is also known as The Romantic. It is among the many massive pieces of music by Bruckner and represents the height of the symphonic form. He makes use of masterpieces by the likes of Beethoven as a foundation, creating music that is even more vivid and imaginative.
This particular piece, Bruckner’s Symphony No. 4, is the only one which he subtitled, labeling it as The Romantic. It portrays the medieval notion of romantic heroism involving quests and other journeys much in the way of King Arthur’s quests and his Knights of the Round Table. This is a concept that has often featured heavily in the compositions of many other classical legends including Wagner in his operas and Schubert in his classical concertos. Bruckner brings the epic heroic journey to life with his interpretation of Symphony No. 4 in a manner that is unmatched. It is therefore hardly surprising that this piece of music has gained unmatched fame all over the world.
Combine the beauty of Andreas Klein performing Schubert’s The Wanderer Fantasy and the Fox Valley Symphony orchestra performing Bruckner’s The Romantic and you have the Fox Valley Symphony Legends concert, one to see and hear live with Fox Valley Symphony Legends tickets.

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