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People in Appleton have a wonderful venue for quality entertainment among them and that is Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra. The place offers finest music events and the diversity of its shows makes it a place for people of all kinds of tastes. The venue is filled with orchestras and concert events all year round where some seasons are fuller than others. In its celebration of 45 years as being the premier venue for remarkable musical entertainment, there is one event that stands out: Inspirations. Performed by Claire Huangci on the piano, Fox Valley Symphony Inspirations is a breath-taking show and cheap Fox Valley Symphony Inspirations tickets are a valuable catch for everyone who wants to enjoy the serenity and tranquility of piano.  

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About Fox Valley Symphony Inspirations

The Fox Valley Symphony has been established with the aim to bring symphonic music to people with delectable musical tastes. The company does not only nurture and enrich human senses with masterful music but also provides educational opportunities to contribute in the rich musical culture of the community and to enhance it. The Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra Association was formed in 1966 as a non-profit organization and since that time, it has held thousands of events under it, providing exposure and bringing forward the best talent in Appleton and from all of Wisconsin. It holds 5 seasons of concerts a year in Appleton alone with more all over Fox Valley. Specialties of Fox Valley Symphony include Chamber Concerts and Quartets, Full Symphonic Orchestral Performances, Youth Orchestra and Music Education and Live Performances of Classical Music. Fox Valley Symphony Inspirations is also a production of this association which has received tremendous praise from all over.
The star of Inspirations, Claire Huangci is as much of a wonderful musician as she is charming. She has been performing with orchestras all over that include the Munich Chamber Orchestra, the Philadelphia Orchestra and the Moscow Symphony Orchestra. Moreover, she has also performed solo for recitals in the Salle Cortot Hall in Paris and at Ravinia Festival. She debuts at Fox Valley Symphony with Fox Valley Symphony Inspirations, a show where she will be performing Schumann’s Piano Concerto in A minor and with Overture to Die Meistersinger Wagner. This piano concerto is one of the most romantic of its kind, having lyrics and drama and an empowering musical power.
Piano Concerto in A minor was finished in 1845 and Symphony in C Major started that same year and Schumann played it throughout that period. A minor was Schumann’s tribute to the great works of Beethoven and Bach, in fact, the show has a stirring ending with a piece from Beethoven’s work. Fox Valley Symphony Inspirations tickets are an incredible treat for people who want to see Claire Huangci at the very best of her musical magnificence. The way she plays piano is amazing and the listener is transported to a world where everything means music – a place he doesn’t want to come back from.  
The star behind Fox Valley Symphony Inspirations discovered her flare for playing wonderful piano at a young age of 6. Winning a number of music competitions in her early years and even a gold medal at the age of 8 which made her a child prodigy, the youngest one to play piano professionally and with such brilliance. As she grew up, she got more excellent so much that her fame knows no bounds at present. It all started in 2009 when she got first position in a singing competition in Zurich. The next it was in 2010 when she contended first prize in the National Chopin Piano Competition held in Miami. She worked with orchestras as well as performed solo in recitals in a number of places in Europe, United States, Japan, Israel and China. Knowing how great Claire can be, Fox Valley Symphony Inspiration becomes tempting.

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