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A hilarious parody of some of the biggest flicks in history will soon be done on the stage. The curtain will be raised for the fabulous Forbidden Hollywood for a dose of entertainment so funny it will make you laugh all the way to the end. The play is just around the corner so grab your Forbidden Hollywood tickets and make your way to the theater to be a part of this unforgettable show.

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About Forbidden Hollywood

Forbidden Hollywood is the brainchild of Gerard Alessandrini. Gerard is among the most celebrated playwrights, theatre director, actor and parodists in the world today. He began his association with theater after getting his degree from the Boston Conservatory of Music. He went to New York and started his career as an actor.
It was in the year 1981 that Gerard’s talents really caught the imagination of the masses when he created Forbidden Broadway. It was a revue and a hilarious one which focused on making light of super hit Broadway productions. It made its debut on 15th January, 1982 as an off-Broadway play. The venue was Palsson’s Supper Club.
Forbidden Broadway turned out to be a big hit with fans and critics alike. The run spanned over a whooping two thousand three hundred and thirty two performances to immense acclaim from every corner.  The success paved the way for it to be converted into different formats and editions in order to take it to other countries as well.
Forbidden Broadway has staged performances in over two hundred cities in the U.S. alone. On top of that it has also had runs in Tokyo, Sydney, Singapore and London. All these performances combined take the total to over a whooping nine thousand to put it on the list of the most successful theatrical productions of all time.
With the kind of response Forbidden Broadway generated it was only natural that Gerard turned his focus to movies. That idea manifested itself in the form of Forbidden Hollywood. Gerard wanted it to be just as successful and hilarious as its musical predecessor if not more so. No stone was left unturned to make that a reality.
All that effort certainly has paid off. Forbidden Hollywood takes more than just a leaf out of Forbidden Broadway’s book. The hilarious production delivers what it promises from the start to the end. It is a trademark Gerard creation. Star Wars, Austin Powers, Titanic, Chicago, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter all face the brunt of Gerard’s pen to hilarious consequences.
Forbidden Hollywood is a theatrical creation that will carry on the legacy put together by Forbidden Broadway. Gerard’s genius can be witnessed all over the production. No movie, character, actor or actress is safe which makes it that much more special. Now that it is coming near you for its latest installment make sure you book your cheap Forbidden Hollywood tickets and watch what really makes it tick.

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