Follies, one of Sondheim’s finest musical creations is now hitting Kennedy Center.  It is an award winning musical which was actually nominated in eleven categories. The musical is about a Broadway Theatre which will be knocked down soon. The past performers of this theatre come down to enjoy their one last evening at this venue. This reunion unravels the tales of past performers putting them in an entirely different light. It manifests their connection with the plight of the theatre itself. The show was first staged on Broadway in 1971 and has been performed at various venues since then. The musical has an enchanting album, nominated for Tony Awards. Some of the most popular songs of this album are ‘Too many mornings’, ‘I am still here’ and ‘Broadway Baby’. If you are intrigued by Follies, then here is your chance to watch the show with your Follies Kennedy Center Tickets.

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Follies is a musical that takes us through the stories of two couples who are attending a reunion in a Broadway Theatre that is almost destroyed and is scheduled to be brought down.
The story is pretty interesting and keeps one occupied throughout the duration of the musical. The music and lyrics for Follies has been provided by Stephen Sondheim and the book has been written by James Goldman. Follies originally opened at Broadway in 1971 and has been nominated for eleven Tony Awards, winning seven. The original production was poorly funded hence was shut down but since then many successful revivals have taken place.
You can witness another successful revival of this musical at the Kennedy Center. The revival at the Kennedy Centre has received a funding of 6 million and will be exactly like the original production with the same music and storyline. Eric Schaeffer will be directing this musical.
The musical is set to open in May and you will get to witness one of the greatest revivals in history. With an elaborate cast and crew, we might just see this musical heading for Broadway. Right now, your only chance to watch it is at the Kennedy Centre. So get your Follies Kennedy Center Eisenhower Theater Tickets online and make sure you are one of the lucky people in the audience.

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