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From the director of The Addams Family, Memphis and Jersey Boys comes a musical based on a film that defined generations. Flashdance is celebrating 30 years of magnificence by playing on stage all over the country. The musical is an inspirational story of a girl striving to realize her dreams of becoming a dancer and so naturally it has a lot of dancing. And it’s not just any dancing; it is bright, hard and electrifying.

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This pop culture phenomenon is making headlines all over and playing in theaters across the country. Ottawa is no exception. Theater goers are waiting impatiently for Flashdance Ottawa so that they can watch how their favorite film looks live on the stage. And the bigger news is that people can get cheap Flashdance Ottawa tickets. That ought to make the experience even better.
Alex Owens is a job at the Pittsburgh steel mill by day but she has a different persona at night where she turns into a bar dancer. And that’s what she loves; dance. In the effort to pursue a career as a professional dancer, she faces many challenges and is even confronted with having to choose between love and her career. All this is presented with the memorable songs from the original movie as well as scores produced specifically for the show. This musical is big and a must watch. Don’t wait a minute to buy Flashdance Ottawa tickets as there are hundreds of people anxious to buy the tickets. You don’t want to be the only one who don’t get to watch it, do you?