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Tevye and his 5 daughters are struggling between their faith and Tsar’s edict that all Jews must leave the village. Tevye, a milkman who is trying his best to raise his daughters as per Jewish customs, finds himself in a predicament where he is trying to purge his family of the outside influence whilst maintaining a Jewish integrity. It is a shock for him when the husband choice of his 3 elder daughters takes them away from their faith and customs.

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We are talking about one of the longest running Broadway musicals - Fiddler on the Roof – an unsurpassed play. Starting in 1964, it has successfully surpassed over 3000 performance mark. The extraordinary storyline, heart-felt dialogue delivery, emotionally-arousing predicament and an amusing state of helpless father in the view of circumstances – all have contributed to make this one of the most thriving and beloved plays of all time. It has everything one would look for in a musical; why, it is filled with tenderness, laughter, sentimentality, vivid dance and popular songs.

Fiddler on the Roof is a musical adaptation of Joseph Stein’s book of the same title that came out in 1905. It is a novel/score of unusual and uncertain times in a small Ukrainian village where unrest grips the country and Tevye has to cope with the marriage prospect of his daughters within Jewish families. Find out whether or not his daughters find the perfect match by buying Fiddler on the Roof San Jose Tickets and be a part of history.


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