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Evil Dead - The Musical is a musical adaptation of the famous movie, “The Evil Dead,” which premiered in American theatres in 1981. Its music is by Christopher Bond, Frank Cipolla, Melissa Morris and George Reinblatt, with the lyrics and book by George Reinblatt. It is based upon the movie of the same name and the franchise of movies, video games and other media. It premiered at the “Tranzac Club,” located in Toronto, in 2003. Since then, it has been staged at the New World Stages, the Diesel Playhouse, the Ground Zero Theatre, the Falcon Theatre and The Onyx Theatre. Fans of the movie and franchise grab your Evil Dead - The Musical tickets and catch it live.

About Evil Dead The Musical

This musical been performed all over the world and is today an off-Broadway hit. It has been praised by many a newspapers and magazines, with The New York Times going so far as to call it 'The Next Rocky Horror Show.'  It follows five college students who while spending their weekend holidays at an abandoned cabin, accidentally unleash an evil terror. The musical, however, gives the movie a comic twist, turning parts of it into a comedy with characters and demos singing to songs, and performing dance routines.
Evil Dead - The Musical also features a plot changed a bit from the movies, as well as mixing together stories from the three movies, so as to create a comedic effect that many who have watched the musical have loved. The musical itself was made after the approval of Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi, starting with a highly successful workshop in Toronto. It was then staged at the 2004 “Just for Laughs Festival,” held each year in Montreal. In 2006, previews were held on off-Broadway in New York City with performances then staged at the “New World Stages” until 2007.
It then saw another Toronto production in 2007 with several performances held during the year. A successful return of the musical in 2008 was extended. One of the performances was particularly innovative as it took place during the “Northeast Blackout.” The musical was then played on the lawn of the “Toronto Tranzac Club.” The musical's band played acoustic instruments with members of the cast providing sound effects from behind the stage. As it became darker, car headlights and flashlights were used to illuminate the actors. This performance was loved by the fans in attendance, so much so that many of them went on to order more cheap Evil Dead - The Musical tickets.
The front rows at the arena where the the musical is played are dubbed the splatter zone. Fans specially get seats so as to get soaked in the fake blood, with many taking home soaked “I Survived the Splatter Zone T-shirts” as souvenirs. Viewers of the show have described it as being like a rock concert and unlike any theatrical production to date. In 2008, its three hundredth performance was held, making it the longest running Canadian production. It has won the “Dora Audience Choice Award” and has received, from the Toronto Star, four out of four stars. In 2008, a production also took place in Seoul, South Korea.
In 2009, a production of the musical was staged in Louisville, Kentucky and revived in 2011, going on a tour of Cleveland, New Orleans and Nashville. In 2011, a production was staged in Michigan by Dexter Community Players and revived in 2012. Similarly, Who Wants Cake? Theatre also staged a production in 2009 and 2011.
Productions have also been staged in Norfolk, Cleveland, Tokyo in Japan, Austin, Kalamazoo in Michigan, Wilmington, Vancouver, Buffalo in New York, at MIT, UMass Dartmouth, Sterling, Duluth and Minneapolis, with Evil Dead - The Musical tickets selling by the hundred for these performances.