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Musical lovers there some good news for you, the enchanting Eurydice play is about to be staged in your very own town so don’t miss it. Eurydice is one play that has quickly climbed the stairs of fame and now enjoys an ever increasing fan base. The roots of this play are shrouded in the love between well known mythical Greek characters. If you love watching musicals then it is advisable that you do come and watch Eurydice as well. It will certainly be a mystical experience so get your Eurydice tickets booked now.

About Eurydice

Eurydice as evident from the name is a musical that tells about the love story of two famous characters from Greek Mythology namely Prophet Orpheus and his wife Eurydice who was the daughter of Greek god Apollo. According to history Orpheus was a great singer and had such a melodic voice that all living things even stones used to get charmed. He loved Eurydice and married her. One day Orpheus was being followed by a satyr and she accidentally got bitten by a viper and died. Orpheus was so hurt from this that he started crying and singing mournfully, this eventually made the gods cry and he was given the permission to bring back Eurydice from the underworld. He happily went and got his wife, Orpheus was given strict instructions by the gods not to look back till they both reach the upper world but as he was just on the edge of the underworld he looked back to confirm whether Eurydice was coming and the very moment she vanished back in the underworld.  
Eurydice musical is a true stage depiction of this romantic love story. The stage adaptation has been done by well known American playwright Sarah Raul who has made a few changes in the actual storyline to make it more interesting. There is an addition of one character that is Eurydice dead father who is with her in the underworld and because of him she is kind of troubled and undecided whether to stay back with her father or go to the upper world with his love of life Orpheus.
Eurydice was first shown in 2003 at the Madison Repertory Theater. Since then it has been staged at various venues across the US including Wilma Theater Philadelphia, Alliance Theater Atlanta, ACT Theater Seattle Phoenix Theater at University of Victoria and Rutgers University’s Mason Gross School of Arts. The current production of Eurydice is directed by Marc Masterson and the set design is done by Gerard Howland. Critics have termed the play to be visually quite alluring.
Eurydice is one play that is recommended by most of the critics as it has some fine acting, immaculate choreography and good costumes. You experience will be a memorable one s o book your deals. Good part is that now the tickets to this amazing play are affordable so make sure that you get cheap Eurydice tickets and be at the theater.