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Ernie is a theatrical production that has been written by the award winning author known as Mitch Albom. The play is a dedicated tribute to Detroit’s famous Ernie Harwell. The first time that this play made its world premiere debut was in April 2011 at the acclaimed City Theatre in Detroit, a venue that is just one block apart from the popular Comerica Park. The play of Mitch Albom is set on the last night that Ernie Harwell spent at Comerica Park. In that last night of his, the Hall of Fame Broadcaster is seen in the play as about to give a highly emotional gratitude filled speech to the city. Shortly before he walks onto the famous field, he comes across a rather unusual boy who is quite keen to know all about Harwell. The boy coaxes Harwell into letting him give the final broadcast which will be known as the broadcast of the boy’s life.

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Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Ernie Haase Midland Theatre - OH Newark Sunday
10/22/2017 4:00 PM
Ernie Haase Emens Auditorium Muncie Friday
12/15/2017 7:30 PM

About Ernie

In reality, both Harwell and Mitch Albom were quite good friends. They both often spoke about writing and producing a theatrical show for people someday. Harwell’s attorney as well as a longtime friend confesses that Harwell always wanted Mitch Albom to author a play for him. Finally Albom agreed to Harwell’s wishes and began writing a play for him. However, in 2009, unfortunately Harwell’s health went down and the project of writing a play for him was shelved. It was when Ernie Harwell passed away, that passion arose in Mitch Albom to fulfill the wishes of his friend and pick his pen up again and write one of the most inspiring plays of today’s day and age in the memory of Harwell. Finally, the theatrical production was featured on the 28th of April in 2011. The play was met with an instant critical acclaim.
In the words of the author of the play Ernie, he says that the story of the play goes well beyond Harwell’s life in sports. The storyline of the play revolves around a 20th century Americana broadcaster who had an intense love for the game of baseball. The play shows, how Harwell went through the World War II, the Great Depression, the fact that sports were segregated and also features some of the most magnificent moments of his that he saw on the ball field. For Mitch Albom it is a tribute to his friend and also an honor to bring out his life in a beautiful way in the form of a character on stage. This play is a real delight for those who were fans of Harwell. Since the premiere of the show, to date, all of the shows of the play have been completely cooked in advance. This is a spectacular opportunity for you to get Ernie tickets.
One of the most amazing aspects of the the play is that it features real footage from some of the greatest historic moments of Harwell’s which have been given thanks to the Major League Baseball. The footage has some scenes that are really moving and showcase Harwell’s unique calls. Fans of Tiger get to see a glimpse of the greatest stars that the team of Tigers has. They as well as the audience get a chance to see the moment when Harwell met Ty Cobb as well as the Great Bambino. Audiences of the play will get a chance to see how he literally recreated matches in the early days of his career and what really happened behind all of his broadcasts that took place in the World Series of 1968 as well as in 1984.  
The play is really one of those biographical plays of a star that will be adored by audiences as well as his fans. The play is soon going to be coming to a fantastic venue near you. With cheap Ernie tickets, you will definitely experience a theatrical play like never before. This deeply moving yet realistic play will be a cherished memory for you and your loved ones. 

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