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End of the Rainbow is a product of an internationally acclaimed playwright Peter Quilter. Premiered in 2005, this musical drama was the first international hit for the artist and received four Laurence Olivier Award nominations. The show is celebrating its seventh year of success by premiering on Broadway this year and End of the Rainbow tickets are made available for it already.

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About End of the Rainbow

End of the Rainbow pays a tribute to a well known American actress and a singer, Judy Garland. Divided in two parts - personal and professional, the musical drama features her life story, revealing interesting facts that are not known to most of the people. This tale is not just an autobiography of the artist but also gives an insight about human psychology as to how insecurity about important things in life can ruin you as a person.
End of the Rainbow especially focuses on the latter half of Judy Garland’s life when she made a comeback on screen. After spending a number of years in the entertainment industry, starring in hit movies such as The Wizard of Oz, Royal Wedding, Summer Stock and others, she took a break not to vanish away from the scene completely but only because of some medical reasons. Since she was important to the industry, as soon as Garland expressed her desire of making a comeback as a singer and actress, she was given a warm welcome. The musical takes the audiences to the era of late sixties when preparations were being made to reintroduce the artist. She decided to start afresh from London and hence scheduled a few concerts at ‘Talk of the Town’. While she was struggling to regain success as an artist, her personal life and marriage was also in shambles. Being married five times before, she gave it a sixth try by getting engaged to her close friend and was making efforts to make it work. The hardships in both her personal and professional life made her an alcoholic as well as a drug addict. She found this the only way to relax her nerves and escape from the stressful situations. Judy Garland was known to be a tough and compelling woman then why did she rely on drugs to escape the harsh realities rather than fighting them bravely? This is a point where human psychology plays a part. She was constantly harassed by a film executive who told her that she was an unattractive woman and manipulated her screen appearance. Due to bank debts, she needed to do well in movies and earn a good amount in order to pay back. What do you think, was she successful in doing so and died with grace or she gave in and wanted death on purpose? You can only find this out by being a part of End of the Rainbow show.
The musical is lauded for its outstanding ensemble cast and is one of the show’s highlights. It also includes some of the most memorable songs of Garland such as, The Trolley Son, Come Rain Or Come Shine, Somewhere Over The Rainbow and The Man That Got Away, among others.
Over the past six years it has been observed that as soon as the musical is announced to hit the theaters, the demand for End of the Rainbow tickets starts rising to such an extent that the event is sold out in just a few days. Well, it is that time of the year once again. The musical just released its dates and activated the discount offer. Cheap End of the Rainbow tickets are selling like hot cakes. So what are you waiting for? Hurry and get them before the offer expires and you miss out the chance of knowing the hidden truths of the legendary actress, Judy Garland!

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