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In the fall of 2003, the world was shown a new Christmas-Carole motion picture which was a very invigorating transformation from the distinguished and celebrated yet unexciting stories of "the Scrooge" and its likes. This was a story of an Elf, but with a dash of fervor and more than a hint of wittiness. The spoils of Christmas fix every adolescent’s brain and to keep the wonder of the moment alive, the story is fascinating taking into account that it would keep any child totally captivated till the very end. The crazy anticipation is appealing but the imaginary inspiration of a young orphan sneaking into Santa’s bag has fairly without doubt crossed many ten year olds’ minds. The results are everlasting and for this reason the joyfulness of the plot. The name of this little orphan is Buddy and the not-so-poor child gets a free ride to the legendary North Pole where Santa has been wrapping Christmas gifts for children the world over since times incalculable.

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Childhood seems to pass by in a moment yet the boy is oblivious of the fact that his relatives are Neanderthals. All the time, buddy is growing up believing that he is but an cheap Elf tickets. As time moves on and the plot turns to intrigue, Buddy grows like all natural bodied humans should. His ability to make the gifts and toys, which Santa needs to fulfill the wishes of children from Tibet to Alaska, is not all that extraordinary either. At last, coming to terms with the reality that he is not an elf, Buddy travels to New York in search of his real father and to give the people of the real world a true taste of the notion behind Christmas.

For those who have not had the chance of watching "The Elf", the opening to watch a musical at a theater will be a welcome breath of fresh air. This will not be an ordinary event where all adults are likely to be in formal suits and well to do dresses of affluent gentry, but it is more of a fun filled family event. The man in charge for giving the story of the Elf a new creation on stage is none other than the well-known Casey Nicholaw. He has been nominated for the much acclaimed Tony award numerous times and not just that, his complete squad of professionals are all set to take you on a daring imaginary journey to the North Pole keeping you lured in the secrecy of this attention-grabbing tale. 

The remarkable songs attributed in the Elf musical play have been directed by two other nominees of the Tony award. Namely: Mathew Sklar and Chad Beguelin. For those of you who have little likeness for theatrical music, these two men are accountable for incredible theater hits such as, "The Wedding Singer" and "The Rhythm Club". They have worked in partnership with one another and churned out some really brilliant tunes. They have been honored for their ability and writ to offer listeners with music that they would adore and have gained marvelous awards as "The Jonathan Larson Performing Arts Foundation Award" and an "Edward Award". They also obtained a lot of acknowledgment for their exclusive lyrics and acts at various theatres. With over twenty years of musical composition familiarity under their belts, you can be sure that the sound your ears will hear is par brilliance. The icing on the cake is a book written by two Tony award winners, Thomas Meehan and Bob Martin. These two have penned such remarkable work such as "The Producers" and "The Drowsy Chaperon". This musical play is a truly a work of art worth every minute of your time. We can assure for its intrigue and pure enjoyment that you will be encircled by all the way through the two hour show. 

 The lead performer in the Elf is a famous stage actor by the name of Sebastian Arcelus. Not known to many is the fact that this young and promising stage actor had a grandmother who was a princess in Russia before the revolution. Playing alongside him will be Beth Leavel who has won a Tony Award for the best featured actress in a musical. The cast will take your imaginations to fascinating levels. This musical while surely take you on a trip through memory lane and change you into a happy-go-lucky ten year old who cherished every Christmas morning. So get a hold of your children and grab the Elf Tickets. This winter should bring a completely new meaning to the word theater.

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