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Hirschfeld theatre is named after an American caricaturist Albert Hirschfeld.He was best known for his simple drawings. His drawings were mere black lines on white paper with very little or no shading at all and were still able to capture the attention of his audience. The Martin Beck Theatre was renamed as Al Hirschfeld theatre in the memory of Albert Hirschfeld in June 2003.

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Hirschfeld Theatre is hosting the performance of the famous Elf. It is an adaptation of Will Ferrel movie The performance is musical and Elf tells us the story of a boy who was orphaned and brought up by Santa along with his helpers somewhere in the North Pole. His name is Buddy who is played by Sebastian Arcelus.When he matures he realizes that he looks different from his friends and goes in search of his father in the New York city. His father publishes children’s books and has no time for his family. But Buddy is not discouraged by the treatment he gets at the hands of his father and tries his best to adjust in his new family and adopt the new way of life.

Jon Favreau was the director of the original movie which was produced by Jon Berg, Todd Komarnicki and Shauna Robertson. Their combined effort, hard work and dedicated team presented an outstanding musical comedy for the audience. It has comedy as well as emotion that would leave a smile on your face even after you leave the theatre. Elf hirschfeld theatre tickets are the gateway to an exhilarating experience.

New York is known for its liveliness and recreational activities. One of the mega events taking place here is Elf, the musical stage performance at the Al Hirschfeld theatre. The theme is basically taken from the famous comedy film with the same name written by David Berenbaum in 2003.

The story revolves around a character named Buddy, a human child, sent to the North Pole where he is brought up along with elves who work for Santa Claus and help him in packing gifts for Christmas. As he grows up, his poor abilities to make toys as well as his huge size as compared to the other elves make Papa elf eventually tell him about his being a human. He then embarks on a journey to New York in search of his real father. The story further is based upon how he finds his long lost family, and the hardships he has to face in getting to adjust in the human world, all described in a comic way.

The original movie was director by Jon Favreau, produced by Jon Berg, Todd Komarnicki and Shauna Robertson. It was a box office success as a comedy movie and was appreciated by the children as well as adult audience for its light comic aspect. For the tired minds in hectic daily routine, the Elf New York City show promises a break to rejuvenate the minds and souls as the audience enjoys Buddy’s hilarious behavior as a newbie in the city. Capture this entertainment with Elf New York City tickets!

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