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‘Eleanor: Her Secret Journey’ the play provides a thought-provoking and distinct womanly approach to power, politics and war. In order to witness this fine performance in a live theatrical presentation, buy your Her Secret Journey tickets now! The play’s based on Eleanor, a book by Novelist Rhoda Lerman, who has also written the play.  Although depicting an extensive range of Eleanor Roosevelt’s life events, this one woman stage play mostly revolves around the events from 1918-1922, a long while before her husband became the president. At the time, her husband Franklin served in the Navy as a subordinate secretary and so Eleanor was given distressing insights into World War I.

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About Eleanor Her Secret Journey

From a supportive partner of an American aristocratic and political figure, to a deceived wife, and to then an advocate of those without rights, Mrs. Roosevelt grew at each and every step. Her Secret Journey the play starts as President Truman asks her to lead a delegation to the freshly established United Nations. Knowing that this would be a huge step for anyone, Eleanor analyses her complete life, before making her decision which finally lands her on the world-stage.
Eleanor recollects her memories when an American veteran in wartime said: “The Germans didn’t win that war but neither did we. Only the war won that war.” Another vision she recalls from the end of the war is that of a returning ship of troops. Far from feeling grateful, the troops throw back the donuts at the people welcoming them, yelling that the government’s trying to poison them. The sense of mistrust and paranoia of the authority has a deep effect on Eleanor. This leads her to question the rationality of a war which asked too much from its militias, and a war which was taking place without much purpose or reason; just asking people die.
The 4 years which represent the focal point of her life here are actually in fact a contributory character-building period for the impending First Lady. Major Duckworth, an English veteran is considered one of the most attention-grabbing characters of the play. He escorts Mrs. Roosevelt around the city of Paris and then returns back with the Roosevelts to the United States.
Her Secret Journey is very engaging and at the same time, an educational theatrical show, when Mrs. Roosevelt in 1945, after Franklin’s death, looks back at her life events. It portrays very personalized and intimate aspects of the historically known woman, along with the countless challenges that she had to put up with. Eleanor’s clear-eyed astuteness helped her in developing from an “ugly duckling” into an influential woman whose beauty at large lied in the compassion and the warmth that she brought to matters of war, human rights and peace. So this is how the warfare visions, power and politics transformed a sensitive and well-to-do woman from a socialite background, into an independent social activist. Not just the World War I but the secret war of sexual politics that she fights upon discovering Franklin’s affair with a new woman. Both these aspects blend her into a character she later became famous for.
The upcoming show of Eleanor: Her Secret Journey is being held at the beautiful Popejoy Hall in the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico. It’s located at the campus of University of New Mexico and is location within the neighborhood of the university, which makes it perfect for an evening out. Besides, the hall is a leading performing arts center in the state. After the center’s renovation in the year 1996, it has hosted many Broadway shows, symphonic concerts, world-famous ballets, notable speakers, and musicians, all from a very wide range of disciplines. So for this much-awaited upcoming stage sensation, buy your Her Secret Journey tickets from our safe and secure website. Don’t miss this fine performance as we are providing cheap Her Secret Journey tickets to our customers!

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