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Ed, Downloaded is a much anticipated Michael Mitnick theatrical production that premiered on January 11th 2013. The play includes a touch of Hollywood film along with live action. The comedy production was initially started as a read for Denver Center Company’s Colorado New Play Summit last year. Now the read has been converted into a play that the fans had long been waiting for, up for its very first presentations at the Ricketson Theatre. In order to catch this much talked about play yourself live in the theatre, you can now book your share of cheap Ed Downloaded tickets from us.

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About Ed Downloaded

Ed, Downloaded is known for its movie-like feel. Many of the scenes from the play are run on the projection screen along with live acting. The lighting of the show is provided by state of art projection system, Spyeware. The lightning includes special high technology visual effects. The story revolves around a man named Ed who is dying and in order to preserve his memories forever, decides to get them download. The play is set in a futuristic world in which human race has advanced a lot. Mitnick has skillfully presented a tale that tells the viewers the ways technology has affected our lives and how the future might look keeping in mind the way things are progressing.
Ed, Downloaded’s creator Michael Mitnick is one of the most successful playwrights as well as songwriters. His creations have been seen around a number of famous theaters and venues around the country, including Manhattan Theatre Club, Second Stage, Denver Theatre Company, The Round About, Ars Nova and The McCarter. About his play Ed, Downloaded, Mitnick tells about his inspiration that he got after reading some articles on the topic of life extension. One of the theories claims that the world will witness life extending techniques by the year 2015.
A number of questions started rising in Mitnick’s mind after doing an extensive research on the topic. He started thinking what if the world actually succeeded in bringing forth such technologiy, how will it affect the masses and what legal restrictions will be placed in order to limit the usage. How about each person was given an option of downloading up to, say, ten moments of his life and preserving them forever? With all these questions forming in his mind, the inspiration struck him and he decided to put it down and make a play or a movie out of it, ending up with Ed, Downloaded.
Ed, Downloaded is directed by Sam Buntrock, a Tony Award nominee. The creative team has brought forth a very unique show for the fans. If you want to travel to the future, you should attend Ed, Downloaded. In order to be able to watch it live, you should secure your Ed Downloaded tickets before there are none left!

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