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The musical play Driving Miss Daisy is a 1987 play which was written by Alfred Uhry. Most people can relate the play to the 1989 movie of the same name, which starred Dana Ivey, Morgan Freeman and Dan Akyroyd. The movie which is an adaption of the play, won four Oscar awards in 1989. The movie was a complete success. The play is the first of the trilogy which was then followed by Parade and The Last Night of Ballyhoo.

About Driving Miss Daisy

The storyline of the Driving Miss Daisy musical theatrical play revolves around the relationship of a Southern Jewish widow by the name of Daisy Werthan and her American-African driver by the name of Hoke Colburn, from the years 1948 to 1973. Daisy is old and is not able to drive anymore. Thereby, her son Boolie ends up hiring Hoke Colburn who is of the same age as Daisy to be her chauffer. Although the plot of the musical theatrical play is seemingly simple, yet you find both Hoke and Daisy getting to know a lot about life, will power and abundance of tolerance in their years together. Gradually the two characters form a mutual respect and friendship between one another which grows deep as they both age and deal with the life that they both live.

This is one of those plays where reactions and looks are far more significant than the plentiful traffic that is on the stage. The great aspect about the play is that nothing seems to have been overdone and the characters of the play do not become caricatures of the Southerners. It is a simple yet beautifully crafted theatrical play.

The character of Daisy in Driving Miss Daisy is rightly fussy, sometimes on the edge and yet highly amusing. She tries to control the physical aging of herself throughout the play. You will find that Daisy’s facial expressions are so well performed that they convey the exact message to her other character reactions to strange situations. There are two scenes in the theatrical play that are extremely well handled by the cast and crew of the play. One being, the final act, where Miss Daisy still manages to show her extremely spirited and go-getting personality which goes on to prove to the audience that though she has aged, yet she has her faculties and is an extremely devoted and loving mother to her son. The other act that is again superbly crafted and acted is the one in the graveyard, where Miss Daisy has to deal with a riveting secret that Hoke Colburn revealed to her.

The very first theatrical version of the play was performed at the Playwrights Horizons which is located on the 42nd Street in New York. As time went by, the theatrical play of Driving Miss Daisy moved down the street to the John Houseman Theatre. The play is one of the first plays written by Alfred Uhry’s Atlanta Trilogy which covers the topic of the residents of the early 20th century who were Jewish in that part of the city.

For the musical theatrical play, Driving Miss Daisy, the writer Alfred Uhry received the prestigious Pulitzer Award for Drama in 1988. The same year, the play was performed in London’s West End, with the renowned Dame Wendy Hiller performing to the character of Miss Daisy Werthan. On the whole the entire production of the musical play is extremely well crafted and there are a few items of the play that stand out. The music which follows in between the scenes of the play makes room for the characters to quickly go for their costume changes and the usual runarounds that take place behind the stage. The musical scores range from period recordings to classical, as well as some excerpts from the Hans Zimmer movie score.

It has been reported that in the fall of 2010, Driving Miss Daisy will be performed at a much greater level than ever before. Screen and stage legendry performers such as Vanessa Redgrave and James Earl Jones will be starring in the theatrical play to mark the debut of this Broadway American Classic play. It will be the first time that the audience will get to see two iconic performers to share the same stage together. Boyd Gaines, who is the four times Tony Award winner, is also going to be starring in the cast role of Boolie Werthan. If you do not want to miss this spectacular play, then get the Driving Miss Daisy tickets today. You know that you are going to be in for a truly memorable theatrical experience.

Good news for the theatergoers, Driving Miss Daisy has revived. The story brings forward the bitter truth of racial discriminations and its deteriorating impact on the American society during the late 80s. A rich and old Jewish lady named Daisy is forced to hire a chauffeur as she is too old to drive for herself. Daisy reluctantly hires an African American driver named Hoke Colburn. The story unfolds several aspects of human psychology and how despite having huge differences, people face similar circumstances. Colburn and Miss Daisy become close friends; they understand each other and share thoughts. This beautiful play is a must watch. Order your Driving Miss Daisy John Golden Theatre Tickets as soon as possible.

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