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Dream Girls is a 1980s Broadway show that still continues to make waves in the modern day. It was written by Tom Eyen who was inspired by stories of rise to fame of various R&B artists, in particular the Supremes. He also wrote a story of a three part girl group called “The Dreams”, who find superstardom. With the help of Henry Krieger, who composed the tunes, Eyen wrote a variety of songs that have become iconic, not only in the Broadway world, but in the pop scene as well. The single, “And I Am Telling You” has become a song that has provided a breakthrough for many artists. People with the likes of Jennifer Holiday, Jennifer Hudson, Amber Riley and Jessica Sanchez came to the forefront because of this song. Buy Dream Girls Lexington tickets and see if the new Effie, Moya Angela will also find her moment with the song.

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The story of the Dream Girls Lexington show follows Effie, Deena and Lorrell Robinson. In the beginning the group is led by Effie, who has an amazing voice and a talent waiting to be discovered. When the talent is discovered, and the production and management step in, she realizes that her talent is not enough. Their new label chooses to market Deena as their lead singer, who they believe has a better image. Getting cheap Dream Girls Lexington tickets will also be worthwhile for it will give you the chance to see a play that has won many awards.