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A Broadway musical that brings joy on to the stage along with a lot of backstage drama, Dream Girls is all set for its incredible new production. The show revolves around the tale of an up and coming group of the sixties and highlights success and failures that come along with fame and fortune. Latch on to cheap Dream Girls Anchorage tickets as they are now available so that more and more people can attend the show. Dream Girls will stage the story of three African American singers - Effie, Deena and Lorrell, who get together to pursue their dream of becoming singers. The trio called themselves Dreamettes.

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Their journey begins from a talent show that took place in the New York Apollo Theatre and not only did they win the contest but also the attention of an agent, Curtis Taylor. His connections in return earned them a contract as the backing vocalists of a rising pop star of the era, James Thunder Early. With the exposure, the trio gets famous but this doesn’t come without a cost. The intimate relationship of Thunder with Girls spice up the story with interesting twists that keeps the audiences at the edge of their seats throughout the show. Get Dream Girls Anchorage tickets and find out what happens.