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"A smartly comic, sharply observant and surprisingly humane play." This is the review given to the play Distracted. There are only a few plays who dare to take up a serious subject like ADHD and make it into a delightful and heart-touching production. If there is one word which describes this play perfectly, it’s ‘powerful’. This contribution to the theater world by Lisa Loomer is as much talked about as ADHD itself. The play is not another one of those flashy, glamorous theater shows; it’s more near to the audience than they can imagine. The epidemic dilemma in a modern family is something everyone can relate to in some way or the other. Theme of the show aims to point out whether we all have ADHD to some degree and whether this 24/7 info-rich world has made us turn our backs to what really matters. All this is presented in a hilarious, poignant and provocative way which makes Distracted tickets a good catch.

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About Distracted

The story is about a nine-year old Jesse who is present in the play as just an offstage voice but is a central character. Another central character is his mother who is someone we can all recognize; a sympathetic and shrewd woman, determined to bring help to her child. This element goes on to show the uniqueness of this show. His teacher thinks that his odd behavior of not being able to sit still, un-cooperation, combative and cursing all the time is because of Attention Deficit Disorder. While his dad doesn’t agree, Jesse’s mom sets out on solving the little boy’s mystery. She consults doctors, psychiatrists and various professionals; even the people in her neighborhood. As for the title of the play, it refers to the way how everyone is distracted because of what’s happening around them; Jesse’s epidemic and his parent’s marriage in a peril.  
A breezy comedy is usually a romantic one but a breezy comedy taking up the subject of a pediatric neuropsychiatry is very unusual. All of the credit goes to Lisa Loomer who, in the first place, considered ADHD as the theme of her play and second, made her audience laugh. A person coming to watch this play would think it’s about the child with ADHD but actually watching the show tells him that it’s actually about his mother! Although Distracted is a show whose critical reception is dependent upon the situation whether its audience has an experience of ADHD or not, nevertheless it is a heart-warming play which has its own merits and can be the same delightful watch for everyone.
Distracted is a play which is remarkable because of the teamwork of the crew and the actors. Where these actors have put their sweat and blood in their performances, the crew has provided them a setup where they can display their talents beautifully. Justin Been is not only the director of the play but is also the set designer who have put up changing video projections by hanging panels to give a feel of modern life.
If you want to have a break from the usual glitzy and music filled theater shows, try Distracted. It is a perfect show which is completely entertaining and also a play which leaves something with you to ponder upon. The world of theater needs such insightful plays from time to time to keep the industry meaningful apart from being entertaining alone. Modern times have seen a growing percentage of people with this disorder and most of us have seen someone suffering from it. Distracted is an engaging presentation. Loomer being a dramatist has made it every bit a typical show. The director has done justice to Loomer’s script and has delivered it so ably which would have looked incoherent if not done so with such skill. This play portrays how it is for parents of such affected child. This show is an awareness program and entertainment in one package. Equally pleasing for the whole family, you can enjoy it with cheap Distracted tickets.

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