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Based on 1987's classic romantic film, Dirty Dancing stage version takes the fans back to the wonderful story that won the hearts of many. Adapted as a stage musical for the first time in 2004, Dirty Dancing tickets: The Classic Story on Stage recreates every moment in a more intense and personal manner. Written by Eleanor Bergstein, who was also the original writer of the film, the musical has the same songs as the film and treats audiences with some extra scenes. Since the first time the story was brought on stage it became an instant hit and is till date being re-run at various theaters. By adding scenes to the original screenplay, Bergstein has not only developed room to expand the story but also added to the excitement of fans who can expect something new. Live music by Chong Lim, additional scenes along with expanded characters has added a surprise element to the story. Live performance helps audiences come closer to their favorite characters and love them even more than before.

About Dirty Dancing Tickets

The stage musical takes the fans back to the summer of 1963, when a love story develops between an upper-class vacationer Frances Houseman "Baby" and a working-class member of a resort staff. On a holiday with her family in a resort in Catskill Mountains, Baby shows little interest in resort activities and finds entertainment in staff quarters when she witnesses an all-night dance party. Having not seen anything like that before, Baby was extremely fascinated by the raunchy dance moves and the pounding rhythms. Resort's dance instructor Johnny Castle catches her attention and after meeting again several times they fall in love with each other. Seeing Baby intrigued by his dancing moves, Johnny starts giving her dancing lessons and from there on her life changes. She learns new things about life and love but soon finds herself in a difficult situation when the man involved with her sister gets Johnny's dance partner pregnant. The story progresses with a series of misunderstandings when Baby's father thinks Johnny is the culprit. Baby ends up being Johnny's leading lady for a dance show and the story afterwards shows some sizzling scenes. The story's climax includes the famous line from the movie, "Nobody puts Baby in a corner". The scene is followed by a stunning dance performance by Baby and Johnny and ends with the running dance lift that baby couldn't do for the longest time.

All the scenes have been adapted and executed beautifully on the stage. The dialogues are sharp and crisp, altered perfectly for live performance. The story has successfully adopted the fast paced rhythm of live theatre, taking fans along every step of the way. The musical includes songs from the movie and the Grammy Award winning "The Time of My Life" mesmerizes the audiences all over again. Fans are bound to get caught up in the nostalgia as the musical features other hits songs like "Hungry Eyes" and "She's Like the Wind". Sensational dancing showing a mix of different styles like ballroom dancing, salsa, tango and waltzes will keep the audiences wishing it would all never end. Every dance sequence has been choreographed beautifully being in sync with the theme of each song. The stage design along with the costumes creates a perfect ambience taking people back to the original setting of the film. It allows the audiences to lose themselves in the scenes, placing them in the center of the drama. The fluid transition of scenes and inclusion of new ones will keep the fans in an exciting suspense. The musical gives all Dirty Dancing die-hard fans a chance to relive the film in a live setting and to see the characters we know and love in the flesh.

Dirty Dancing stage adaptation has earned rave reviews not only from the audiences but also from the critics. The cast has managed to create the same impact that Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey did in the movie, making people fall in love with the story all over again. The musical not only brought to the theatres cheap Dirty Dancing tickets addicts but also some new ones who now can't stop raving about the show.

Experience the excitement and beauty of this classic story as it hits the theatres near you. Foot tapping music, sensational dancing and gripping dialogues coming your way soon, so get your Dirty Dancing Tickets now and be prepared to have the time of your life!