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Die Walkure, the second of the four-series opera, The Ring of the Nibelung, has been ruling the theatres since 1877. Brainchild of the theatre director Richard Wagner, it offers a complete operatic delight that joins musical splendor with a sleek dramatic insight.

About Die Walkure

The story is based around the German and Scandinavian myths as well as folktales. The essence of the show lies in possession of the magic ring that grants the power to rule the world. The Nibelung dwarf, Alberich wrongfully got hold of the ring which created unrest in the tribe. Many people including the chief of gods, Wotan had his eye on the ring and had been conniving for years to get his hands on in it. Die Walkure brings to surface a lot of intertwined relations and the plot thickens when Wotan schemes to have his grandson win the ring. In his obsession to obtain the power, Wotan later kills Siegfried but not before learning that his estranged daughter, Brunnhilde was in love with him. Finally Brunnhilde returns the ring to its rightful owners, the Rhinemaidens but in the process ends up destroying the gods and their homes. Every year curtain rises on Die Walkure in springtime and brings with it exuberant music and tender moments. The first scene opens with effective storm music and brings to stage Siegmund, Wotan’s son who is looking for refuge. Little did he know that the house he had come to belonged to his twin sister, Sieglinde who was abducted as a child. Through some wonderful scene transitions the audiences learn that it was actually Sieglinde’s husband who had abducted her and later married her forcibly. Not aware of their kinship, the two are drawn towards each other and amidst music of extraordinary beauty and pathos their powerful mutual attraction is displayed. Suddenly the ambience is transformed and through the harsh sounds of tubas the dark character of Sieglinde’s husband, Hunding is introduced. As soon as Sieglinde’s eyes rest on her husband, the audiences can feel the tension and makes it evident that their relationship is based on fear and distress. Upon hearing Siegmund’s story, Hunding learns that he had once fought against his tribe and in the morning they would settle old scores. However, as per the culture he was welcomed for the night and during his stay would be treated like a guest. Surrounded by threatening rhythms, Siegmund broods over his impending doom as he has no weapon to defend himself. Sieglinde leads him to a tree that had a sword embedded in it. With the help of stirring music the truth of their relationship is revealed and the crowd learns that it was their father who had given the sword to Sieglinde and asked her to give it to someone needy. From there the story takes a twist. Amidst the song of spring and love, the two decide they are destined to be together and run away from home. For a while the focus shifts from them and the crowd is introduced to Wotan and his daughter, Brunnhilde. The scene also briefly brings to stage Wotan’s wife Fricka, the goddess of marriage. Here the crowd learns about Wotan’s infidelity and the goddess persuades him to punish his incestuous children. Wotan briefs his daughter, his favorite child about his mission and orders her to kill Siegmund. Although Brunnhilde had set out to kill him, she was impressed by Siegmund courage and his love for Sieglinde. She gave him her word to protect Sieglinde from all dangers. As the two flee from the scene, Siegmund engages in a fight with Hunding and was eventually killed. When Waton learns about Brunnhilde’s disobedience, he seeks her out and passes judgment that she will be stripped of her Valkyrie status. After her begging for mercy, Waton relents as much that he decides to put her into deep sleep upon the Valkyr rock and encircle the area with magic flame that can only be deterred by the bravest of heroes. In the final scenes the audiences are given a hint that the hero who will save Brunnhilde will be none other than Sieglinde and Siegmund’s unborn son, Siegfried. Die Walkure successfully brings to stage various emotional scenes that end in elegiac, radiant poignancy. The performers have done a great job and effectively created a masterpiece. New York will soon be hosting the play and if you haven’t seen it yet then get your Die Walkure Tickets now! It’ll truly be a majestic experience.