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Die Walkure Metropolitan Opera is one of the most recognized operas, which is full of Battles, Swooping Valkyries and Gods.
Die Walkure is an opera by Richard Wagner and is the second opera from the cycle Des Ring Des Nibelungen. This particular opera introduces us to Siegmund who doesn’t even realize that he is the son of king of gods. The tale is taken from the Norse Mythology told in the Poetic Edda and Volsunga Saga.

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The opera premiered way back in 1870 at the National Theatre Munich on the insistence of King Ludwig ll of Bavaria. It took place as part of the complete cycle at the Wanger’s Bayreuth Festival in 1876. Soon after that it premiered in the United States at the Academy of Music.
It has been said that the opera is ‘not just a story or a series of operas, it’s a cosmos’.
Die Walkure Metropolitan Opera is one of the most amazing, dramatic and old operas which is very classical and attracts millions of people even now. The amazing themes along with the unbelievable acts are still alive in the hearts of people through this astounding opera.  People who have watched it many times as well as the people who have not watched it before, all wish to see such a performance live. The opera has won various awards over the century and it feels like it’s a must watch. You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to watch it as it hits the theatre near you. Get your Die Walkure Metropolitan Opera At Lincoln Center Tickets soon.

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