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Death of a Salesman is a play written by Arthur Miller in 1949. It was in 1949 in February that it came on Broadway for the first time. There have been 742 performances up till today. Death of a Salesman tickets have been selling out at an extremely fast rate. It is a testament to how popular the show has become as well as its rising fan base.  

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About Death Of A Salesman

One of the main characters of the play is Willy Loman who is the salesman. He is the central character and the main plot of the story revolves around him. He is old and also weak and he continues having flashbacks from his life, which to him, seem as if they are happening in real life. His wife is called Linda. She is a supporting wife who only smiles and nods her head when Willy starts discussing unrealistic plans for the future. She is well aware of the situation but always picks his side no matter what he’s doing.  Biff is Willy’s son and he used to be a football star during his high school days. However, he failed math and did not take the summer course. He keeps going back and forth between trying to please his father and proving to him that he can be a great man, and working on the farm, where he feels happiest. Happy is Willy’s younger son. He is immature, a womanizer and is constantly looking for attention from his parents that he never really gets. Charley is the next door neighbor in Death of a Salesman. He sympathizes with Willy and gives him company. In fact he even offers him a job later on in the play. Willy however is jealous of him, because his son is so successful while his own son is not. He is mean to Charley at several times in the play. Howard Wagner is Willy’s boss. He is a man who is proud of his wealth and he sees Willy as being too old to contribute towards the company and hence fires him. The Woman is that character in the play with whom Willy cheats on Linda with.
Death of a Salesman has many nominations and awards to its credit. These include the Tony Award in the category of ‘Best Play’, the Pulitzer Prize as well as the Drama Desk Award. To truly understand the hype surrounding this play, buy Death of a Salesman tickets, witness the show live and have a great evening with family and friends. 
The Death of a Salesman is told from the perspective of the main character, that is, Willy. Flashbacks from Willy’s life are depicted in some of the scenes from the present. This is done by depicting a present day scene, and then bringing in more characters on stage at the same time, characters that only Willy can hear and see, thus representing his flashbacks. Other techniques are also used in order to display these time shifts. For example, these include the presence of leaves to show present scenes. 
Cheap Death of a Salesman tickets are readily available, waiting to be bought by you. However they are limited in stock so if you want to avoid inconvenience then it is better to buy them now rather than have regrets later on. However, the play is not meant for children so make sure you do not bring them along. The story touches upon themes such as adultery and death, making it inappropriate for kids to watch. 
The Death of a Salesman play has come to Broadway four times and over several time spans. 1979, 1984, 1999 and 2012 are all the different years in which the play has been revived on Broadway. The most recent production includes a beautiful set design, modern lighting and some of the best actors there are, to tell the tale of Willy Loman. 

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