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All the elements that make an opera worth watching are present in Das Rheingold. Elaborated costumes, brilliant stage setting, dramatized theme and excellent music, you will find it all in Das Rheingold. It is one of the four parts that make up the famous epic opera Der Ring Des Nibelungen. Das Rheingold is the first part which is followed by Die Walkure, Siegfried and Got Götterdämmerung. This splendid series of dramas is composed by the German artist Richard Wagner. Wagner is known for his rich and complex harmonies embedded with leitmotifs. His libretto and compositions appropriately portrays each character and create the entire theme as best as possible. Das Rheingold is one such work where you can experience Wagner’s music geniuses. Book your Das Rheingold New York Tickets now.

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Das Rheingold was premiered in 1869 and today after almost a hundred and fifty years, this classic opera still excites theater lovers. The story of this opera revolves around a gold ring which is destined to make its bearer rule the world, this may sound something related to Lord of the Rings but the theme here is different. This epic drama will give you a different sort of experience where romance and feminine charm is only used as a reference to life and not the life itself. If you have not watched this opera before then you should not wait any longer. There is no way the opera fans will miss a chance to watch this masterpiece. Das Rheingold New YorkTickets are out for sale now, you should hurry and place your order ASAP.

Operas came into being somewhere in the 16th century and have been one of the many forms of stage entertainment ever since. Although Opera's are no longer in fashion or they do not have the audience as they used to perhaps a few decades ago, they are still well appreciated and contain the same quality as before. The 20th Century saw more forms of stage entertainment taking over Operas but with technology coming in, new operas also came with better music and a lot of experimenting with techniques.
Das Rheingold was originally premiered in 1869. Created by Richard Wagner, Das Rheingold (The Rhine Gold) is an opera that was created as an introduction to the three part opera called The Ring. However, it is now generally known as one of the four in the Ring. Der Ring des Nibelungen or The Ring of Nibelung is one of the most epic operas of all time. Altogether the four operas in The Ring of Nibelung are called as Wagner's Ring or in short 'The Ring'. Wagner himself wanted that Das Rheingold be premiered as part of the Ring with the rest of the three operas premiering after it but as King Ludvig II or Bavaria insisted on premiering it all alone, he had to do so.
Even after a century after its creation, the Das Rheingold is still performed all over the world as part of the Ring and seperately, both. The opera is now performing in the Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center and all opera fans can avail Das Rheingold Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center Tickets online right now.

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