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Crumbs From the Table of Joy is a play by the famous playwright Lynn Nottage.  Based in the 1950s Brooklyn, the story revolves around the life of African-American Godfrey Crump, who recently lost his wife. Grieved, he decides to move from the city with his teenage daughters Ernestine and Ermina, to be closer to the latest religious movement he has joined and finds solace in. The story is told from the perspective of the elder daughter. Soon they are joined by Godfrey’s sister-in-law Lily, who is a heavy drinker and opposite to his pious ways. Being at odds with all that is going on in his house, Godfrey marries a white German woman named Gerte. To watch the play of these five interesting characters, you can now purchase cheap Crumbs From the Table of Joy tickets from us.

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About Crumbs from the Table of Joy

Crumbs From the Table of Joy’s playwright Lynn Nottage is famous for the play “Intimate Apparel” which was presented at the Center Stage in Baltimore. Her plays have been produced by off-Broadway as well as Broadway and are known for their classic touch and inclusion of light hearted comedy. She touches some of the most important issues faced by the people.
Lynn Nottage has highlighted several issues through her plays and was awarded the Distinguished Playwright Award in 2010. For instance, her play “Ruined” deals with the plight of women surviving the civic wall. First stage at Goodman Theatre in 2007, it was a major hit and won a Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Her plays have been produced by a number of different popular theatres such as Second Stage Theatre, Off-Broadway, The Actors Company, Vineyard Theatre, Crossroads Theatre and Playwrights Horizon. Currently her 2010-11 season of “By The Way, Meet Vera Stark” is finishing its international premiere.
Crumbs From the Table of Joy is a funny, thoughtful and touching play tag lined as “we all take comfort in escaping somewhere sometime from the things we do not understand.” Narrated by the seventeen year old Ernestine, the story is full of imagination that she forms out of her growing up memories, a period of time that was darkened by confusion and grief of losing her mother.
Crumbs From the Table of Joy is Lynn Nottage’s Goodman Theatre debut and the show is directed by the resident director and associate producer Chuck Smith. Goodman Theatre is a touring company based in Chicago and has produced stories like The Story, The Good Negro, Proof, The Amen Comer, By Music of the Spheres and The Gift Horse. Smith is the winner of Independent Reviewers of England Award in the category of “Best Direction.” He is also known for Vivisections from a Blown Mind and A Christmas Carol.
Crumbs From the Table of Joy is now coming to the theatre in your own town. People who are a fan of cultural dramas must attend this classic piece of work by Nottage. The best part of the play is that it is narrated from the point of view of a teenager and gives an internal monologue of self conscious feel to it. This style of presentation is often seen in novels as well as films but is rare in theatrical plays. However, the job has been well done by the creative team as well as the actors. If you are looking for a unique play to attend in the upcoming days, booking your share of Crumbs From the Table of Joy tickets will be a good idea. The production will enchant, entertain and enlighten you, all at the same time. 

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