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Featuring the most popular con artists of the world, Conned is a new show that will run for two weeks. So, in order to attend it and to see how convincingly the artists perform on stage, get your Conned tickets in advance. The show will be staged at The City Theatre MI, which is a five hundred seat venue, located in downtown Michigan. It was built in 2004 and has been hosting events like music concerts and comedy as well as magic shows. Jim Millan is the director of the show and he has arranged several touring shows including the cult comedy troupe kids. He has directed more than one hundred stage plays in Canada. He has also served as the director of a show called, “Mythbusters – Behind the Myths Tour”.

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About Conned

This unique show is co-produced by MagicSpace Entertainment and Mills Entertainment. The performing cast cheats and exposes the street secrets in a funny way bringing to light various scams and schemes. Throughout the performance, the audiences volunteer and are invited on stage to take part in these scams and sometimes the whole crowd gets conned. The cast includes four internationally, well known artists; Richard Turner, Todd Robbins, Banachek and Bob Arno. Bob has spent years researching the real street crime and has become an expert regularly consulted by television producers, police and security experts.  
Bob artfully combines thievery and comedy in his performances. He has also been featured on CNN, BBC, National Public Radio and ABC's 20/20. Banachek, the other performing artist is a leading specialist in psychological manipulation. He was a test subject for the psychic research facility at a university when he was eighteen and was closely observed for two years by scientists where he was tested for his “psychic” abilities. Using his deceptive skills, Banachek surprised the researchers and they believed he was a real psychic. His live performances feature demonstrations of subconscious influence which are fascinating, hilarious and at times even disturbing. Another authority, Todd Robbins has been known as the “king of New York con men.”  Using his expertise, he has attracted many fans and has appeared on several TV programs. He has been seen in documentaries, films and mentioned in various articles.
Richard Turner, a card cheating expert will also be seen in the show. He is a very talented character in the international casino world and frequently travels the world showcasing his ability to cheat with cards unnoticeably. He will be sharing his unsurpassed mastership with you through live video projection. Cheap Conned tickets are offered at great rates for you to easily buy and watch this must seen event at least once in your life time! You all should avail this rare opportunity to enter the world of secrets, scam and shadows. This hilarious and unbelievable show is not to be missed and when it comes to your city, get your hands on Conned tickets fast. Rave reviews given by the critics have increased the show’s popularity, with tickets selling out fast. Loud laughter will be heard and after the show is over, some pockets will be picked, the con men would read minds and the crowd is going to get scammed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Are conned tickets prices negotiable?

A:No, Conned Tickets prices are fixed and non-negotiable.

Q:Will I need to pay the courier company for the delivery of my cheap conned tickets?

A:No, the price you booked your Conned Tickets covers all expenses so you will not have to pay anything for the delivery of your tickets.

Q:From where can I buy conned tickets at local's discount?

A:We do not offer Conned Tickets at local's discount on our website, but we do offer a general discount.

Q:How do you deliver discounted conned tickets?

A:The Conned Tickets are delivered at the given home address through FedEx.

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