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Set in the widget factory of the 1930s’ depression era, Birdhouse Factory is a nostalgic tale transformed by creativity and resourcefulness. This is where acrobats collide with machines to create a unique performance that inspire its audiences’ imagination and is a feast to their eyes. It is an original production of Cirque Mechanics that has entertained its audiences on the tours to United States and Europe. The Birdhouse Factory is “exceptional, evocative…and engrossingly entertaining,” according to the New York Times. A most recent performance of the Birdhouse took place in the Lyric Theatre at Hong Kong. It was also performed at the New Victory Theatre as a part of the eight city European tour of the Cirque Mechanics. With Cirque Mechanics the Birdhouse Factory tickets get a chance to watch this exceptional circus performance which according to the Spectacle Magazine of Circus Arts is the most significant contribution to the American circus after Cirque du Soleil. Birdhouse is a story of mechanicals wonders, circus acrobatics and humorous acts.

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About Cirque Mechanics The Birdhouse Factory

After the success of Chris Lashua’s project Birdhouse Factory, which was his collaboration with Circus Center of San Francisco, he founded Cirque Mechanics in 2004. Chris himself is a German Wheel artist who was born in Boston. He was obsessed with wheels and spent all his life on or around them. It was after a decade of participating in the professional freestyle bicycle competitions that he got a chance to perform at Wu Ciao, China’s famed festival, and won a bronze medal. Although this earned him a place in the Cirque du Soleil’s tour of ‘Fascination to Japan’, he couldn’t get to perform with Cirque du Soleil regularly, until 1996, when he was part of the opening act of Quidam.  During his tours with Quidam, he began working on his new mechanical contraption which he named as Trolley. This was the start of the idea of building other machines with which acrobatics will interact. He then decided to showcase all the machines on factory floor, place which Chris named as Birdhouse Factory. You can get some cheap Cirque Mechanics the Birdhouse Factory tickets now if you plan on attending the show with your family. Watch acrobats, clowns and dancers performing on high flying trapeze, unicycle platforms and giant gears, all under one roof!
Next he added winch to the trolley and did experiments along with Aloysia Gavre, his friend and fellow artist. This then became a duo act that didn’t just emerge out of the study in acrobatics but also out of the relationship between man and woman and not to forget, the machine. He then modified unicycles to power the turntable and made them mobile but also static enough to provide a platform which was more like a conventional ground to host an act. The overhead crane, giant turning wheel and conveyer belt were introduced later to keep up with the factory floor setting. Soon, the factory was growing but to complete his vision, Chris made a team of young talented people consisting of his former friends from Pickle Family Circus and Cirque du Soleil, and the graduates of Circus School of San Francisco. Some artists from Nanjing Acrobatic troupe also joined Chris on his venture which later became one of the America’s best circuses.
Today Cirque with its innovative mechanical staging, inspiring storytelling and unparalleled performances, has quickly established itself as one of the best circuses of America. Although inspired by modern circus, Cirque Mechanics finds its heart in the old American stories of ingenuity and its roots in the world of machines. Deeply rooted in realism, the show displays a raw quality which is something that is rarely found in the modern day circus, making their message relevant and ageless. To put it in just one sentence it would be suffice to say that Cirque Mechanics is partly story, partly circus with a mechanical twist. Storytelling in three dimensions takes its form when the mechanical elements get meshed with visual display of acrobatics, comic interpretation and music. From kids to their grandmothers and everyone falling in between, the show is going to delight all of you with its incredible tale telling. So, hurry and get your Cirque Mechanics the Birdhouse Factory tickets and watch this captivating show where there are men flying and walking in air.

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