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In the mood of a fresh, moving and tremendously funny show?? Broadway has the answer to it via the highly recommended Chinglish tickets. This new play by David Henry Hwang and directed by Leigh Silverman has been extremely well received on Broadway and cheap Chinglish tickets are in great demand. The play was first produced in Chicago, Illinois at the Goodman theatre. After a tremendous reception there, Chinglish came to Broadway and is successfully showing at the Longacre Theatre.

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About Chinglish

The name is derived from the new language fast evolving from the attempts made to translate Chinese signs into English. Chinglish tells the story of Daniel Cavanaugh, a businessman from the American Midwest who comes to China seeking a business contract for his small family company. The play follows his journey as he finds himself totally lost in the language and the culture, both which are totally alien to him. He could never have imagined the customs to be so complex, manners so strange, the ways of doing business so different and communication so difficult. But in his trip he also discovers a lot about life, love and himself. He falls in love with a government official, Xu, but she is even more confusing than anything else.
Chinglish highlights the difficulties American Businessmen encounter in China to the language and the cultural barriers. It also hints upon the multifaceted but continually growing relations between the two countries, which have made the interactions such as shown in the play more frequent than ever. The brilliant comedy comes mostly from the unreliable and clumsy translations he encounters and the confusion which thus arises, leading to hilarious situations. The scenarios are very comical and the comedy timing near perfect. Chinglish often has the audience in fits of laughter and engages them at a very personal level. The romantic angle gives the play a sexy and playful feel, while also focusing upon the different approaches of the two societies in this regard as well.
David Henry Hwang is most famous for his Pulitzar Prize finalist play M. Butterfly which won the Tony Award, the John Gassner Award, the Drama Desk Award and the Outer Critics Circle Award for Best Play. His other works include Golden Child, FOB, Family Devotions, Bondage, The Dance And The Railroad and Yellow Face which was also a Pulitzer Prize Finalist. He is also the writer of the Hollywood movies M. Butterfly, Golden Gate and Possession. He has also worked on the revivals of Flower Drum Song and Aida. Like his many other plays, Chinglish looks at the complex relationship between East and West and the misconceptions prevalent in society. He conceived the idea of Chinglish during one of his visits to China where he saw many signs ridiculously translated into English.
The play is directed by the talented Leigh Silverman was nominated for the Drama Desk Award for From Up Here in 2008. In 2011 she won the OBIE Award for Go Back To Where You Are and In The Wake. After working together to produce Yellow Face, this is the second time that Hwang and Silverman have come together on Broadway to give the audiences one of the best plays currently showing on Broadway’s Chinglish. David Korins has designed the set, Anita Yavich is the Costume Designer and Jeff Sugg and Shawn Duan are credited with the Projection Design. Chinglish was nominated for five Joseph Jefferson Awards and won the awards for Best New Work and Best Scenic Design.
The businessman from Cleveland is played by Gary Wilmes and Jennifer Lim has been cast as his love interest. Stephen Pucci acts in the role of Peter Timms, an Australian consultant who seems to be a fraud. Also cast in important roles are Larry Lei Zhang, Angela Lin, Johnny Wu and Christine Lin. The entire cast has received tremendous praise from both the critics. General audiences have also enjoyed it by purchasing cheap Chinglish tickets.Chinglish has received some dazzling reviews by the press and this has made Chinglish tickets extremely sought after. Chinglish tickets are a must for all who love comedy and obtaining cheap Chinglish tickets guarantees a night of great entertainment. With its cracking comedy, witty dialogues, skillful acting, elaborate plush sets and absurd situations the play will give you innumerable moments of laughter. This spectacular play is a breath of fresh playful comedy and is more than just promising. Chinglish is likely become one of the most enjoyable cotemporary play of our times.  So be ready to laugh the night away…..

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