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Cheaper To Keep Her is a humorous, soap opera, comedy, party play that is all rolled into one amazing theatrical production by the I’m Ready Productions which is owned by Gary Guidry and Je’Crayous Johnson. This modern day, romantic comedic play features a cast of some really famous black entertainers and actors. One of the most famous cast members in the play is Vivica A. Fox. She blends in a wonderful experience for the crowd by her exceptional performance of theatre into an energetic package altogether. Brian McKnight is another member of the cast who really captivates the audience of the play. The can be rendered as a stand-up comedy, part sitcom, part R&B dance party, part musical, part revival of the church service and a part cultural commentary.

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The plot and the storyline of Cheaper To Keep Her revolves around Raymond Mays (a character played by Brain McKnight), who is cheating on his wife Morgan Mays (a character played by Vivica A. Fox). Morgan Mays, who is a house wife, ends up finding out that her husband has been cheating on her. After a heated conversation between the couple, they finally decide on calling their marriage to an end. As both individuals have been seeking and wanting different things and cannot make sense together anymore, and to top it all, the husband is cheating on the wife, they decide that it is best to part ways. Raymond Mays (played by Brian McKnight) wants a simple divorce; on the other hand Morgan Mays (played by Vivica A. Fox) wants alimony. The couple’s argument over this issue lands them to resolve the matter in court. After the court proceedings, the judge is in favor of Morgan Mays and decides that she does not deserve half of the alimony rather she deserves it all. By the end of the court proceedings, Morgan May get practically everything. She gets the house; she gets her husband’s self-esteem, his retirement and the thought in Raymond’s mind that it really would have been cheaper had he kept her. Now here comes the climax of the play. Raymond Mays is now left with only two options; one is to either kill his wife or get everything back, or to get her married off to somebody else. Raymond Mays decides to get her married to someone else. He introduces Morgan Mays to an extremely handsome man who is a pro-athlete and also an ex boyfriend of Morgan’s. To Raymond’s surprise, as romance and intimacy begins between Morgan and the man Raymond introduced, all of a sudden, bouts of jealousy engulf him. As the plot of the play proceeds, the ex-husband and the ex-love are seen facing each other off. The hearts that were broken get revengeful and marital matrimony along with hearts smash together, only to have Raymond Mays concur to the fact that it was all easy to love Morgan as his wife.


The Cheaper To Keep Her theatrical play has been a roaring success since its first production. Every time the play is taking place as an event somewhere, audiences are known to stock up the seats of the theatre. The fun part is that the audience is normally a part of the entire play too. There is a scene in the play where the handsome actor Christian Keyes (who plays the other man that Raymond introduces to Morgan), takes off his shirt and has the audience literally gaping at his wonderful body. The response of the audience to several scenes surely tells that the writer of the play along with the performing actors truly know how to push those comic buttons of the audience.


The wonderful cast of the Cheaper To Keep Her also includes Gary “G-Thang” Johnson, Jonathan Slocumb and Karen Malina White. The playwright of this theatrical production was never looking for a deep literary subject for the play. Johnson focuses more capitalizing on the comedic impact of his great cast. Johnson as a playwright really knows how to make his audience roar with laughter and knows how to keep them completely captivated till the very end of the show. Ever since the first production of this hilarious play, audiences have been known to leap on their feet always when the show ends. This further proves that this is just one of those modern theatrical plays that one would not want to miss out on. If you want to take some time out from your daily routine, then get the Cheaper To Keep Her tickets. Go with your friends and loved ones, and we vouch for the fact that you will have one hilarious experience that you will be unforgettable.



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