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Reported as “Good chemistry, tight direction and soul-blackening humour make Channeling Kevin Spacey a must-see!” by Toronto Star, Channeling Kevin Spacey is a comedy in which an everyday loser turns into a macho man. The lead character of Charlie is played by Justin R.G. Holcomb, with Jamil Chokachi playing multiple characters.

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Written, directed and co-produced by Elan Wolf Farbiarz and Cory Terry, Channeling Kevin Spacey is a story of a good natured and down to earth Charlie, who is always taken for granted by his stripper girlfriend, at home. He’s also underpaid, unappreciated and abused by his boss, at work. The only thing that keeps him going is the thought of seeing a girl, an employee of a bagel shop, every morning. Other than that, he’s stuck both socially and professionally. One day, it dawns on him that his life resembles with many of the secondary characters played by Kevin Spacey. Tired of being a push-over, he decides to become Al Pacino of Scarface. The rest you can imagine!
This hilarious comedy has won the prestigious Best of the Fest Award at The Edmonton Fringe, also the biggest theatre festival in the US and Canada. It further won the same honor at Toronto Fringe Festival and at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival. The show as recently as 2010 had the critics raving when it was performed at Ft. Lauderdale’s Broward Center for the Performing Arts’ Amaturo Theatre.
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