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Conexus Arts Centre showcases Cats Regina for Canadian theatre goers of Saskatchewan! Cats Regina tickets bring Broadway’s second longest running show, Cats the musical. Cats Regina tickets are chance to watch and appreciate the music, dance and fun of this awe inspiring theatrical. Cats originated from T.S Elliot's poetic effort, Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats. Interestingly Andrew Lloyd Webber’s composition led to the creation of narrative musical numbers. Each told the tale of a different cat character on a night of decision making. Since all the Cats belonged to a single tribe they assembled together to tell and hear Old Deuteronomy’s verdict on their worth in life. Desiring to be oblivion of a rebirth, each cat desired the Heavy Side, where only one cat is destined to go.

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The show features series of award winning and standard setting numbers. Importantly the lyrics are verbatim from Elliot’s book and convey the desire and reason for the singer’s descend to the better world. The most memorable song of the show is the Broadway hit Memory, a ballad by Grizabella the glamour cat. This song and others featured on the soundtrack have won the hearts of millions.
Cats Regina tickets bring a show that sure to keep audiences engrossed with its brilliant dance and music. Until the show culminates, one lives in the Cats and relates with every moment of it. This special affiliation can be realized only with Cats Regina tickets. Cheap Cats Regina tickets have been made available to make this valuable entertainment worth experiencing. Purchase Cats Regina tickets now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Can you please tell me the seating arrangement for cats regina theatre?

A:You can look through the seating map mentioned on the page of Cats Regina Tickets for details about the seating arrangement.