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Orpheum Theatre Omaha, NE presents one of Broadway’s greatest triumphs on the musical front, Cats the musical. Cats Omaha tickets 2017 bring a feature presentation on stage of T.S. Eliot's Old Possum's Book Of Practical Cats. Inspired to create a musical out of the storyline the original production team crafted the theatrical with mesmeric hard work and outmost artistry. The music was made to represent all the moods of the drama.  In 1981 London saw the Cats as theatrical splendor in every dimension.

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The impact of Cats was profound as Broadway featured its very own Cats the musical a year later. The Jellicle Cats and their Jellicle Ball come alive on an evening. Amidst this event, every single attendant awaits to hear news. Old Deuteronomy is the deciding factor that gets to know each cat. His decision leads each cat into an incarnation for the next life.  The Cats in the process try to make their best impression to win a chance to make it to the Heavyside layer.
Cats retell the story of the Cats at the Orpheum Theatre. Cats Omaha tickets are a valuable pass for theatre fans as this musical is no hype. Cats the musical is real stuff; it can only be experienced by tickets for Cats Omaha. So get your Cats Omaha tickets ASAP to venture into the world of Cats the musical.  Cats Omaha tickets 2012 is a musical and lyrical venture that must not be missed. Not to forget search for cheap Cats Omaha tickets to find the best bargain!