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Ontario’s Living Arts Centre Mississauga is the next host of Broadway’s most extraordinary musical Cats. Winner of the Lawrence and Tony Awards as the Best Musical, this play is most definitely the best of the best Broadway musicals, alive. Since its inauguration at West End in 1981 and on Broadway in 1982, Cats the musical has captured huge public and critical acclaim; especially with a hit wonder like, Memory. Andrew Lloyd Weber’s masterful composition wrapping T.S Elliot’s captivating story line and lyrics cannot be missed. The songs manifest themselves as tales of each cat; each manifesting as the main feature of the show.

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Cats Mississauga will stage the story of all Jellicle Cats at their Jellicle Ball, all presenting their case in the court of Old Deuteronomy. Following the true spirit and essence of a meaningful life, Old Deuteronomy chooses one cat to decent to the highest sanctuary, the Heavyside layer. Everyone at the ball at heart is uncertain of their deeds yet desirous of a Nirvana; irrespective of the reality of their conduct. The one content in heart and soul is to outshine the rest.
Cats the musical has been delighting audiences for over two decades now. As Broadways’ record making, second longest running show, Cats Mississauga promises to be as extraordinary as ever. Cats Mississauga tickets present a great opportunity to relive a classic tale through the details and colors of a Broadway production. Some cheap Cats Mississauga tickets are also on sale for selective seating presenting an affordable option. Avail your preferred Cats Mississauga tickets to enjoy the show.