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With its premiere in Broadway, the musical play Cats won the awards for Best Musical, Best Direction, and Best Original Score, to name a few. People always flock to see the mesmerizing play so don’t miss this glorious opportunity and get your Cats Joliet tickets today. The majestic Rialto Square Theatre is the site for this mesmerizing event, and you will leave the show thoroughly enchanted with the marvelous performance of the talented cast.

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Cats is the perfect way to introduce your family and loved ones to the magic of theater. The fantastic play is the brainchild of Andrew Lloyd Webber who hit a jackpot when he picked up a book of poem in an airport bookshop by T.S. Eliot Old Possum. The book of practical cats was turned into an awe-inspiring masterpiece and has always delighted theater goers since its inception. It is one of the longest running shows in the history of Broadway, and time has not diluted its essence and charisma. It is entertainment personified and what better place to enjoy the magnificent play than the beautiful and plush Rialto Square Theatre. With superb acoustics and a heavenly interior, you will be transported to a world where everything is possible. Get your cheap Cats Joliet tickets and get ready to have an exhilarating time witnessing the brilliance of the Tony Award winner play in a place made to cherish you.