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Experience the dazzles of Latin and Ballroom dance with Burn the Floor Houston Tickets, you will find connections of each body move to different moods. Fine, there are dance shows where you get to watch mix dances but if television could substitute the sensation of live entertainment, theater productions and concerts would have been long gone memories of the past. Burn the floor outshines all such controlled, censored and edited versions of dance. The sizzle and spices of exhilarating hot moves will make your night worth it. Several magazines and critics have literally raved about the show. You shouldn't think twice, instead just order your Burn the Floor Houston Tickets now and enjoy this heart pounding show with your mate.

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This show is all about dance, sexy, lively, naught and happy dance, the dance that can alter you mood in moments. Burn the Floor has introduced several dancers which are very famous now. The show initially started as a 20 min act as birthday celebrations of Elton John in 1997 and soon it was stretched to 2 hours. Today after almost one and a half decade, the show has become one of the most wanted live dance shows ever. Each of its theme ends with a standing ovation and this happens each time. It's as if that everything other than dance is secondary for the dancers. Their balance, control, training and passion are just breath taking. One word for the show could be "awesome". Forget everything else and get your Burn the Floor Houston Tickets now.