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Blood And Gifts is a mind blowing theatrical production, a play that is the brainchild of J T Rogers and performed by one of the greatest theatre outfits in the UK, the Royal National Theatre or the National Theatre as it is best known. This is a spectacular of the finest in theatre the UK has to offer and it offers a different take on plays and a radically different story. This one in a million play revolves around an issue and a story that is central to today’s politics and global issue. This amazing play and its many performances taking place all over America are something to be seen live by all those fond of the theatre. This is something done easily through the use of Blood And Gifts Tickets, the only way to watch Blood And Gifts live, on stage for the most astounding performance you have ever seen!

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About Blood and Gifts

Blood And Gifts has been both a commercial and a critical success. It has been praised with countless reviews in the media; receiving five out of five stars and receiving no less than four out of five stars on many occasions. The Times has reviewed this one in a million play and reviewed it by saying that ‘It grips entirely’ and rating it as a four star play. The Evening Standard has praised Blood And Gifts enormously and gone so far as to rate this play with five out of five stars, a first for a relatively new play. The Guardian has also labeled Blood And Gifts as a ‘compelling political thriller’ and rated it with four stars whereas the Daily Express also rated it at four stars and called it ‘strong and thought-provoking’. The Sunday Times also rated it at four stars and reviewed it as having ‘an excellent cast’ and being ‘engrossing’. The Sunday Express also topped of the list of many four star ratings and called Blood And Gifts a ‘fluid, well-acted production that compels attention’.
Blood And Gifts is therefore a play that has been awarded with five stars as well as four stars by some of the best newspapers and magazines. This play also has an amazing story behind it and it covers the story of Afghanistan from the beginning of the eighties Soviet invasion. It is an interesting take on this world shaping event that marked the start of a new age of mankind and the beginning of the breakdown of the former Soviet Union. The story starts off in 1981 when a CIA agent, Jim Warnock, is sent to Afghanistan to work with the locals to stop the Soviet Army as it makes its way through Afghanistan heading towards the Pakistani border, a critical location for the US. The CIA agent, Jim Warnock, joins up with an Afghan warlord, a larger than life figure to work towards this aim.
Alongside this CIA agent and the Afghan warlord, the British and Pakistani secret services are also involved and this alliance then works towards stopping the Soviet army’s progress as it draws closer and closer to Pakistan. This alliance is headed by Jim Warnock. The acting in the play and the dialogues are simply superb. The entire play is filled with such captivating lines that also include emotional, enchanting and humorous moments. Blood And Gifts therefore tells of a struggle of dedicated men who group together when faced with a common enemy but also has a twist in its tale, a spanner thrown into the mix. As this alliance continues with its work, chaos is seen and brutal action takes place. Simple political work is no longer possible and loyalties shift with the allies suspecting each other.
The Blood And Gifts is a work of the author of the best selling book, The Overwhelming, released in 2006. It is a breathtaking epic political thriller that captivates the audience as time passes and has scenes ranging all the way from the capital of the US, Washington DC to the tribal areas of the Aghanistan which are so famous today. This one of a kind play was commissioned by the spectacular Lincoln Center Theater located in New York City. It features a talented cast, a captivating story and some of the best theatre ever seen; the perfect recipe for a perfect play, easily watched live through Blood And Gifts Tickets.
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