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Blithe Spirit is a humorous play that was staged for the first time at London’s West End in 1941. The play set a British record for the longest running play and when it came off it was just three performances short of making it to two thousand. Blithe Spirit then travelled to Broadway the same year, where it ran for six hundred and fifty seven performances. The play, backed by popular demand, was then adapted for a film, and later on for radio & television show as well.

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Blithe Spirit

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Blithe Spirit Woodland Opera House Woodland Friday
10/27/2017 7:30 PM
Blithe Spirit Woodland Opera House Woodland Saturday
10/28/2017 7:30 PM
Blithe Spirit Woodland Opera House Woodland Sunday
10/29/2017 2:00 PM
Blithe Spirit Woodland Opera House Woodland Friday
11/3/2017 7:30 PM
Blithe Spirit Woodland Opera House Woodland Saturday
11/4/2017 7:30 PM

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About Blithe Spirit


The play has been penned by Noel Coward, who has been accredited with writing over fifty plays. Several of his plays such as ‘Present Laughter’, ‘Hay Fever’ and ‘Design For Living’ are still frequently seen on stage. Coward, a recipient of the Academy Honorary Award, was known for his wit and flamboyance; both elements can be seen in Blithe Spirit. The play, set to take place in the Princess of Charles Theatre, is directed by Michael Blakemore. Mirvish, the theatre management and production company, has Blithe Spirit lined up to be a main attraction of the Mirvish Season, that also has plays like ‘Once’ and Trey Parker's ‘Cannibal’ the Musical in store for audiences.


Blithe Spirit has been revisited by several directors, which has led to a few Broadway and West End revivals. Most notably, the revivals during the seventies and eighties stand out. After a gap of almost two decades, the play was staged again in 2004 in London. In early 2009 it returned to Broadway. The most praiseworthy aspect of the immensely acclaimed revival at Broadway was the role of Madame Arcati, acted out by Angela Lansbury. Lansbury, who made a lasting impact with her performance at Broadway, will reprise the role of Madame Arcati, as Blithe Spirit comes to the Princess of Charles Theatre in Toronto. Get Blithe Spirit tickets and watch sprits interact with humans as Madam Arcati gets down to business.


Angela Lansbury is an accomplished artist whose career has encompassed work in television, film and theatre. Her career, spanning seven decades, has seen her win the most prestigious awards and countless nominations. She has won five Tony Awards, the second highest awards won by any performer. She has been nominated for the Emmy Awards eighteen times, which includes twelve consecutive nominations for each season of ‘Murder, She Wrote’. Lansbury also has six Golden Globes to her name. It will surely be a delight to watch her playing the role of the eccentric Madam Arcati.


The play’s story is set into motion when successful writer, Charles Condomine, comes to watch a séance in order to understand the occult for a novel he is writing. Madam Arcati, the peculiar psychic is called to help conduct the ritual. Inadvertently, Arcati calls the spirit of Condomine’s first wife, Elvira. Elvira has been dead for several years and is not at all happy to see Condomine married happily to his second wife, Ruth. She obviously does her best to ruin their marriage.


Even though it has a small cast of five characters, the play is not short of diverse roles by any means. The role of Condomine is played by Charles Edwards, the moody and temperamental Elvira is played by Jemmima Rooper and the beautiful Charlotte Parry plays the role of Ruth.


Charles Edward has been lauded for his depiction of the curious and successful novelist. His performance has been compared to that of Cecil Parker’s, who played the role when the play debuted. The play with its twists and turns, keeps the audience guessing, until the curtains finally fall at the end of the performance. Don’t miss the spirited fun, when Blithe Spirit, headlined by Angela Lansbury comes to Toronto. Get cheap Blithe Spirit tickets and watch the outcome as the two feuding wives make life difficult for the novelist Charles Condomine.


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