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Nativity! A very touchy and subtle moment that is treasured by all and one of the most beautiful ways to depict is the famous dramatization called Black Nativity. The entire story is told in a very melodious style with some catchy choreography and gospels sung in carol style. This is a classic Christmas musical with an all black cast and this is why it is named Black Nativity. Cherishing the act of Nativity is a tradition for every young and old and the best way to enjoy this is by watching Black Nativity in your own city of Seattle, so hurry up! Get your Black Nativity Seattle tickets from us.

Black Nativity was written by famous American novelist and columnist Langston Hughes and was performed for the first in 1969. There are performers, musicians, singers carrying candles with long robes chanting hymns, African drums in background also a pleasant use of different lights such as blue, orange and red to portray different stages of the play. Black Nativity has been staged regularly in US States of Boston and Washington. It will be staged in Seattle, a major city in the state of Washington founded in the year 1853. The city has some very famous historical and architectural landmarks, beautiful parks, theaters and a very vibrant nightlife hence in simple words Seattle has everything for visitors.

Black Nativity is coming to Seattle and every family member will enjoy, you can’t miss this classic musical so grab your Black Nativity Seattle tickets only from us and be mesmerized! 



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