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Black Angels Over Tuskegee is a musical that will leave you astounded and surprised. This musical needs no formal introduction as it has already captured the hearts of fans in the US and it is Black Angels Over Tuskegee. Listen all theatergoers keeping in mind the high demand of this musical we are offering cheap Black Angels Over Tuskegee tickets to you so enjoy.

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About Black Angels Over Tuskegee

Black Angels Over Tuskegee is a heart touching mellow drama that takes you on a thrilling and knowledgeable journey through the Second World War. Tuskegee Airmen is one term that is recognized by everyone, these were a group of valiant African American pilots who displayed immense bravery during the time of the Second World War. There is actually a detailed history behind this musical as before this group of fighting airmen there was no African American was allowed to become a pilot in the US military owing to the Jim Crow Laws. These were basically racial discrimination laws that were instated from the year 1876 till 1965. The Tuskegee airmen were trained from the war from the year 1941 till 1946 and overall these group of airmen and pilots won laurels for the country by destroying over a hundred enemy aircrafts in dogfights and a hundred 150 aircrafts on ground. The Tuskegee airmen also destroyed around a thousand enemy vehicles and rail cars and also sunk one of the enemy ships. The Tuskegee airmen have won a number of awards for their service during war time such as 14 bronze stars, 744 Air Medals, 150 Distinguished Flying Crosses and eight Purple Hearts.
Black Angels Over Tuskegee should not be missed by anyone as it actually depicts and replicates the gallantry and spirit that the Tuskegee airmen carried while fighting for the country. The play is written by acclaimed play writer from Louisiana Layon Gray. He has certainly made his mark in the theater world and has already won esteemed awards like Director Achievement Award and two Maddy Awards for Best Author and Best Play. Layon Gray is a director as well and right now he is directing two off-Broadway musicals namely  “All American girls” and “Black Angels over Tuskegee” This musical tells the story of the Tuskegee pilots in an amazing way, the story revolves around six African American pilots who are commissioned in the air force despite the problems regarding the Jim Crow Laws. The musical then goes on to explore the feelings, struggle, patriotism and intelligence of these six men. This musical is certainly a heart touching experience for the theatergoers it simultaneously brings smile on their faces as well as tear to their eyes. It simply goes deep down behind the actual story and explains the true feeling of the Tuskegee Airmen.
Black Angels Over Tuskegee won an award for Best Play at the Hollywood Artistic Director Achievement and also won a NAACP award for Best Ensemble. It also go some great reviews from tabloids like The New York Times termed it as “Tough to Resist” and “Uplifting and Inspirational”. Famous critic Back Stage commented that there are some plays that just entertain, some tend to teach whereas some just celebrate. The musical not only manages to do these three things but it also highlights one more important aspect and that is it inspires. If by any chance you have not watched Black Angels over Tuskegee then you  certainly have missed it all. The good news is that you can now make up for it by watching it in your very own city. All you have to do is book your Black Angels over Tuskegee tickets as we are offering the best deals.

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