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Biloxi Blues is a well-known, Tony Award-winning Broadway play by Neil Simon, who wrote is as one of a triptych of works, informally dubbed the Eugene trilogy. The play is well-known for its satirical nature and is partly inspired from Simon’s own experiences. Since the original production of the play, Biloxi Blues has gone on to become an audience favorite, and has also won praise from critics. It has even been adapted into a feature film, which itself was successful. Now, the show is being revived to tour the United States once more, amidst high fan anticipation. The event is poised to be one of the year’s most exciting theatrical highlights and is sure to be a huge audience draw. Needless to say, Biloxi Blues tickets are sure to be in high demand.

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Biloxi Blues

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Joe Bonamassa IP Casino Resort And Spa Biloxi Saturday
12/9/2017 8:00 PM
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About Biloxi Blues

The story of the play is somewhat autobiographical and revolves around a young man named Eugene Morris Jerome. An energetic twenty year-old from Brooklyn, New York, Eugene is called for army service during the Second World War, much to his dismay. For his training, he is shipped off to the town of Biloxi in Mississippi, where he resolves to fall in love, lose his virginity and, of course, to survive the war. From there, the plot unfolds in the form of a series of comedic hijinks, as Eugene deals with the rigors and grind of life in the army. Eugene must learn to live with soldiers from different walks of life and must grow into a man unto himself.
The play made its debut at Los Angeles’ Ahmanson Theatre in December 1984, where it ran till the February of the following year. A month later, the show premiered on Broadway, fittingly at the Neil Simon Theatre in mid-town Manhattan in New York City. It was staged for more than five hundred performances over the course of fifteen months. The production was directed by Gene Saks, with scenic design by David Mitchell. The costumes were designed by Ann Roth while the lighting design was by Tharon Musser and the sound design was by Tom Morse. The show was produced by Emanuel Azenberg and Center Theatre Group/Ahmanson Theatre. The cast of Biloxi Blues featured such prominent actors as future Hollywood superstar Matthew Broderick, who played the role of Eugene, as well as Penelope Anne Miller, who played Daisy Hannigan. Other members of the cast included Randall Edwards as Rowens, Bill Sadler as Sgt. Merwin J. Toomey, Barry Miller as Arnold Epstein, Matt Mulhern as Joseph Wyzykowski, Alan Ruck as Don Carney, Brian Tarantina as Roy Selridge and Geoffrey Sharp as James Hennesey.
The play was largely well-received among critics, who praised its humor as well as its themes of youthful restlessness and coming-of-age bravado. Some observers commended Simon’s writing, such as Frank Rich of The New York Times, who wrote "Besides being extremely funny, Biloxi Blues is Mr. Simon's first serious attempt to examine his conscience as an artist and a Jew." Similarly, Michiko Kakutani, another theatre critic from The New York Times, also applauded Simon’s writing, calling the events of the play “imaginative transactions [which are the results of] the efforts of a mature writer….to ‘force memory’ [in order to] recapture and reassess the past.” He goes on to compare the main character, Eugene, to other autobiographical characters from such renowned writers and artists as François Truffaut and Tennessee Williams.
In addition to all this praise, Biloxi Blues also won many important honors. These included a total of three Tony awards, in the category of Best Direction of a Play, Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Play - awarded to Barry Miller – and the coveted Best Play. Biloxi Blues was also nominated for three Drama Desk Awards, specifically Outstanding Director of a Play, Outstanding New Play and Outstanding Featured Actor in a Play. The show won the latter, which, again, was awarded to Barry Miller. Three years after the debut of the play, Biloxi Blues was adapted into a feature-length film, starring three of the actors - Mathew Broderick, Matt Mulhern and Penelope Ann Miller - from the original Broadway cast. Other actors included Christoper Walken as Sgt. Merwin J. Toomey and Michael Dolan as James J. Hennesey, to name just a few. Biloxi Blues is now considered a late-20th century classic, and has come to be loved and cherished by many theatre fans. Eager fans will be happy to know that cheap Biloxi Blues tickets for the show’s upcoming revival are now up for grabs.

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