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Rarely does the power of the performing arts exude such intensity that it verily sweeps you off your feet in a sensational flurry of inspiration. Such have been the rave reviews garnered by Billy Elliot that it is now safe to say Broadway has found its latest crown jewel. Adapting from a film is never all that easy, demanding a special emphasis on the musical quality & choreography, along with achieving that seemingly insurmountable task of getting the best acting out of your young inexperienced protagonist. But this musical adaptation of the 2000 Hollywood film not only ticks all those boxes, but also excels to give an end-product that is as charmingly uplifting as it is emotionally hard-hitting. Based on the trials & tribulations faced by a young boy from a family decimated by the UK Miners’ Strike (1984) as he strives to achieve his cherished dream of becoming a ballet dancer, Billy Elliot has earned over $20 million in advance Billy Elliot tickets sales. Lee Hall, who wrote the screenplay for the film, takes inspiration form A. J. Cronin’s novel, The Stars Look Down, as he pens down this melodious masterpiece.

About Billy Elliot

Billy Elliot, a motherless 11-year-old with a father & a brother heavily involved in the daily bloody clashes with police forces during the coal miners’ strike, does not find his boxing practice as challenging, & is instantly mesmerized when he attends a ballet class. Despite the obvious handicap of being the only male in an otherwise female class of dancers, Billy takes the graceful art to heart, constantly inspired by his teacher Ms. Wilkinson, with whose daughter, Debbie, he strikes a close friendship. His father, acting on a tip-off by the boxing coach who tells him of Billy’s absence, is apoplectic with rage when he finds out, forbidding Billy & his teacher from interacting ever again. Unbeknownst to him, however, Billy is offered free solo lessons in private by Ms. Wilkinson, & he excels dramatically. When Ms. Wilkinson arrives at the Elliot home to pick Billy up for the grand Royal Ballet School auditions, she encounters a battle-hardened & uncompromising group of miners, & when she admits to her secret lessons, Billy is dragged out & shamed publicly by his father.

Enraged, he vows never to involve himself in ballet again. The exile lasts only a year, however. On an emotional Christmas Eve gathering, where his drunken father is left in tears by the memories of his deceased wife, Billy is allowed a moment of affection by his homosexual friend, & dances for joy. Mr. Elliot, watching from the door, is awestruck at his skill, & repents & goes to Ms. Wilkinson to discuss his prospects. It emerges that finding the means to assist Billy’s dreams would mean going back to work, & with a heavy heart, Mr. Elliot goes against his principles & returns. This draws unlimited scorn from Billy’s brother, & after an altercation, he leaves in a rage. Yet the icy hearts of the other miners are thawed, & they offer Billy maximum financial assistance. Billy appears at the auditions with his father’s blessings, and after a nervous performance, is left frustrated. Yet his impassioned explanation to the committee of what he feels when dancing scores highly. Billy eventually gets an acceptance, & the miners return to work as he says his goodbyes, accepting their downtrodden fate, but hoping Billy will at least rise from the ashes to glory.

Talented playwright Lee Hall contributes the lyrics & book for Billy Elliot, having earlier written the film’s screenplay. Stephen Daldry (director) & Peter Darling (choreographer), resume their roles behind the lens from the film. The breathtaking music has the classy signature of Elton John stamped all over it. Billy Elliot had its first premier in March 2005 at West End’s Victoria Palace Theater, with the Broadway premier in the Imperial Theater in October 2008. Billy Elliot tickets guarantee an ethereal experience, with melodies that add relevance to the oppressive strike setting, & an irrepressible sense of optimism. Lead acting is spot-on, & Billy Elliot has picked up ten Tony & Drama Desk Awards each, including the coveted Best Musical. With international productions in Melbourne, Sydney & Seoul, & two National Tours, it has become a global brand. Billy Elliot is not just theater; it is an enchanting wholesome experience in itself. Fans with Cheap Billy Elliot tickets will be mesmerized to no end when the stunning, foot-tapping melodies are let loose at the musical.

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