In the world of musicals, particularly within the comedy sub-genre, comes a musical known as Billy Elliot (or rather, Bill Elliot the Musical). In a rather turnaround scenario, it is a musical based on a movie – as opposed to the many musicals that inspire and are made into movies. The movie itself is of the same name – Billy Elliot – and it was released in 2000. The music of this musical is composed by none other than Sir Elton John, of Beatles fame, and the book as well as the lyrics for the musical are the product of Lee Hall’s work – the same person responsible for crafting the movie’s (Billy Elliot’s) screenplay. In short, a good musical with music from a fabled name in music and an excellent plot surrounding it – definitely a must see for fans of the movie or fans of Sir Elton John’s music.

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So it’s straightforward really – simply grab as many Billy Elliot Denver tickets as you want – and go to Denver and watch this musical. The musical’s plot itself surrounds a boy as he grows up – a boy who has no mother – in a society that revolves around issues such as the actual UK Miners strike in 1984 at Durham in the Northern areas of England within the UK. It basically deals with when Billy trades his boxing gloves for a pair of Ballet shoes; it revolves around the various struggles and ambition of Billy as against the various family issues and community issues as reflected by the miners’ strike. This musical has been nominated for a record 9 Laurence Olivier Awards out of which it has managed to win four - which include the Best New Musical Award. It has also won 10 Tony Awards, 10 Drama Desk Awards and 7 Helpmann Awards.

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