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Make your way to a brand new Broadway presentation as Big Fish 3/30 comes your way. Consider purchasing cheap Big Fish 3/30 tickets that are being offered at the best prices, as Susan Stroman embarks on a mission to present a theatrical to audiences. Scheduled to premiere in the month of March, Big Fish is being directed by a five time Tony Award winner, Susan Stroman along with a top notch team. This production team consists of Julian Crouch as the set design manager, Donald Holder responsible for the lighting design, William Ivey Long, the costume designer, Benjamin Pearcy as the projection designer and Jon Weston responsible for sound. The cast of the musical also includes Norbert Leo Butz, a two time Tony Award winner, playing the lead role of Edward Bloom. The musical is based on the novel, named Big Fish that was written and published by Daniel Wallace back in 1998. The novel has also been adapted into a feature film released in 2003. The book captured the attention of directors and producers such as Steven Speilberg, Tim Burton, Richard D. Zanuck and John August. As Speilberg was busy filming Catch Me If You Can and Minority Report in 2002, the project was taken up by none other than, Tim Burton, who took upon actors such as Albert Finney and Ewan McGregor.

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Big Fish was able to bring in approximately one hundred and twenty three million dollars on the box office on a budget of seventy million dollars, hence becoming a worldwide success. The movie also received nominations in various categories of awards by prestigious award institutions such as the Golden Globe Awards, British Academy of Film and Television Arts, Saturn Awards, Grammy Awards and the Oscars. The upcoming musical presentation is being produced by American Academy Award winners, Bruce Cohen and Dan Jinks. With lyrical expertise being provided by Andrew Lippa and a script that is written by John August, the upcoming Big Fish 3/30 show will definitely blow the audiences away. The script of the musical is very similar to that of the film and those audiences, who have already appreciated the movie, wouldn’t want to miss out on this unique presentation, so get your hands on Big Fish 3/30 tickets as soon as possible.
The story of the musical features two main characters, Edward Bloom the father and his son, William Bloom. As the story starts, it shows the relationship between the two is strained due to the fact that Edward is keen at telling stories that no one believes to be true. At the day of William’s wedding, Edward starts talking about catching an enormous fish with only his wedding ring which he used as bait, which enrages William to an extent that he cuts all ties with his father. After not talking for three years, William receives a phone call and is told that Edward is on his death bed. William then boards a plane to visit his dying father and on his way remembers and rejoices all the stories with his wife. These stories consists of his father embarking on a magical journey where he falls in love with a young woman, makes his way to a village where people are happy being barefoot and finally starts working at a circus, where he finds out that the owner, Amos, is a werewolf. The story also takes Edward to a witch’s abode who tells Edward how and when he will die, then to a Korean war where he rescues two Siamese twin dancers, Jing and Ping and brings them to the United States. Similar stories are talked about during the story and when William finally reaches to the hospital, he demands his father to tell him the truth once and for all and his father simply smiles and says that he is a storyteller. Furious and disappointed, William leaves his father who then dies of a stroke. With his father’s death, will William ever get to know about the truth? Or will he just think that his father died a liar? Get to know what will happen in a live presentation that will take place at the Ford Center for the Performing Arts. Buy Big Fish 3/30 tickets immediately.

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