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Starring Rachel Weisz, Daniel Craig and Rafe Spall in the play’s exciting cast, Betrayal by Harold Pinter is coming to the Ethel Barrymore Theatre for a short Broadway run. Opening on 5th January, this play directed by one of the best directors of twentieth century will be played just for fourteen weeks. A strictly limited engagement where fans of Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz can watch their favorite stars live on stage by getting the Betrayal tickets beforehand.

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About Betrayal


A emotionally charged drama regarded as a masterpiece of Pinter, Betrayal is a story of a love triangle that revolves around Emma, Robert and Jerry played by Weisz, Craig and Spall, respectively. Written in 1978 by Nobel Prize winning screenwriter Pinter, Betrayal is a dramatic piece of work that focuses on self-absorbed personalities, veiled motivations, hidden emotions, dishonesty and deception underlining an extramarital affair.  Inspired by Pinter’s own seven years long affair with Joan Bakewell, Betrayal brings forward the story of Robert and his wife Emma who has an affair with Jerry, a close friend of Robert.


Married in real life, Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig’s appearance in the play has made it even more exciting. Weisz, who gave a critically acclaimed performance in “The Deep Blue Sea” winning a Golden Globe nomination, will be making her Broadway debut in Betrayal. She starred opposite Craig in “Dream House”, a thriller by Jim Sheridan and is also a winner of a Screen Actor Guilds Award and an Academy Award. Craig who is better known in the world of entertainment as James Bond will be returning to the theatre for the first time since 2009 when he appeared in “A Steady Rain” opposite Hugh Jackman.


Starting off with the last meeting of Emma and Jerry at a bar, the play is told in reverse chronology and gets more and more exciting as the story unfolds. Married with kids, Emma and Jerry keep an illicit relationship for seven years unbeknownst to the fact they are also being cheated by their spouses, something they must now grapple with. Revealing the complexity of relationships in brilliantly crafted scenes, Betrayal is a story that truly lives up to its name.


It was first produced in 1978 by the National Theatre, London and featured Penelope Wilton, Michael Gambon and Daniel Massey. The play has been revived number of times by production companies in London, Sheffield, Australia, New York, Italy, Hong Kong and Buenos Aires. It was brought to life in 2009 by Andrea Renzi (starring the famous actress Nicoletta Braschi) in Italy where it has been playing successfully for two years now. In January 1980, the play had its Broadway premiere at the Trafalgar Theatre. Directed by Peter Hall, the play ran for a total of 170 performances there before it closed in May, 1980. Years later, in 2000, Broadway revival of Betrayal starring Liev Schreiber, Juliette Binoche and John Slattery, was staged at the American Airlines Theatre.


Hailed by critics as the best work of Pinter, Betrayal is a winner of the Olivier Award for being the best new play of 1979. It has also been adapted into a film which was released in 1983. Considered as a cornerstone of English repertoire and one of the finest dramas of its century coupled with the innovative approach of reverse chronology adopted by Pinter, Betrayal makes for a perfect night at the theatre. The play features the original music by James Murphy.


The Broadway revival of this play starring the most exciting cast of the season has already been sold many Betrayal tickets in the town. You can buy them now to get the best seats at the theatre before they are all reserved. With no intermission in between, this is going to be a short yet stirring play of 75 minutes. Directed by ten time Tony Award winning director Mike Nichols, it is a must watch.


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