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The beauty of theatre is that it can communicate even the subtlest of human emotions in a spectacular fashion. And talking about theatrical brilliance, the Broadway has become a symbol of excellence in theatre and performing arts. The theatrical excellence and sublime touch of Broadway are at their striking best in Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo – a play which touches upon sensitive subjects of war, redemption, friendship and death. The play revolves around a tiger that ghosts around the streets of Baghdad in its pursuit of meaning of life. This search takes his ghost to extra-ordinary encounters of the war and the people it afflicts.

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About Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo

The play is written by Rajiv Joseph and follows the life of a Bengal Tiger living in the Baghdad Zoo. The story is set in 2003 – the early years of Iraq War. It becomes apparent to the audience that most of Zoo’s inhabitants have fled due to the War only to be shot dead by the soldiers. American soldiers arrive at the zoo one night to guard the place but their presence scares the Bengal Tiger who bites off the hand of a soldier, Tom. Another soldier, Kev takes a shot at the tiger which gets mortally wounded and dies slowly. Following this incident, Kev is haunted by tiger’s ghost who rambles around the streets of Baghdad. Sometime later, Kev gets injured as a result of an outburst during a house search and is admitted to the hospital. Tom has returned to Baghdad with a prosthetic hand and pays a visit to Kev and reveals that the gun which Kev had used to kill the Bengal Tiger was taken from the late Uday Hussein’s palace and was gold-plated. Tom wants the gun back from Kev to sell it along with a solid gold toilet seat. As the conversation furthers, the gun ends up in the hands of Musa, Uday Hussein’s former gardener who is acting as a translator for American soliders. Musa is also repeatedly haunted by Uday’s ghost. The rest of the storyline features an interaction of the living with the dead as the war unfolds around them.
Under the direction of Moisés Kaufman, Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo made its debut on May 2009 at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in California. From April 2010 to May 2010, the Mark Taper Forum of Los Angeles ran another production of the play featuring Kevin Tighe as the Bengal Tiger. The play debuted on Broadway in March 2011 at the Richard Rodgers Theatre. With the Moisés Kaufman returning as the director, the Broadway production features Robin Williams as the Tiger, Brad Fleischer playing Kev, Glenn Davis as Tom and Hrach Titizian as Uday.  Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo was a much-anticipated Broadway production and The New York Times estimated the production to cost around USD 3 million.
This highly dramatic Broadway production garnered positive reviews from the critics with The Los Angeles Times dubbing it as the most original drama written about the Iraq War. Many reviewers backed it for the Pulitzer Price and reckoned the show as boldly imagined. The play won a nomination for Pulitzer Prize for Drama at 2010 Pulitzer Prize. The drama won the 2008 NEA Awards in the category of Outstanding New American Play. The Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo has also won several nominations at 2011 Tony Awards, 2011 Drama Desk Awards, 2011 Outer Critics Circle Awards, 2011 Easter Bonnet Competition and 2011 Audience Choice Awards of
A powerful story backed by splendid music and a star-studded cast, Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo is certainly a masterpiece theatrical production. Everything about the play is brilliant – lighting, sound, music, direction, acting and above all, the plot. With all its drama and emotions, Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo provides one of the most satisfying theatrical experiences ever. No wonder it is a theatrical triumph, a success of stage, a victory for performing arts. The story is enlightening and appropriate to be watched by most age groups. There is absolutely no point missing such a great entertainment! So get your Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo tickets and live your finest Broadway experience!

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