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As the name suggests, the play ‘Bengal Tiger At The Baghdad Zoo’ is a very unique show. It is related to the real happenings of 2003, based on the reality of the war that happened in Iraq and has got some great message in it. Apart from the serious topic of the play, it is extremely funny, brilliantly staged and very entertaining. Rajiv Joseph has penned the amazing play and is directed aesthetically by Moises Kaufman. It premiered in Culver City, California in 2009.  

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About Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo New York Tickets

Bengal Tiger At The Baghdad Zoo revolves around an Iraqi Tiger that roams around the streets of Baghdad in the search of the actual meaning of life. The tiger gets puzzled with the ridiculousness of the war and he meets the Iraqis and Americans who are looking for salvation and friendship. The great impact of war on the lives of animals is shown in the play, to give a friendly message. 

The amazing Broadway show features ‘Robin Williams’ as the tiger whose incredible acting has made the play worth watching. Being a very different kind of Broadway show, based on an unusual topic, serious yet funny, it is doing simply great. The unexpected success of the play has made the audience surprised and now everyone wants to see what the show entails. The show has won the ‘Outstanding New American Play’ NEA Award and is the Pulitzer Prize finalist of 2010. You must also avail the opportunity to watch this one-of-its-kind show live. Get your Bengal Tiger At The Baghdad Zoo New York Tickets today!