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They say nothing is what it seems. Zack and Abby’s marriage epitomizes it the best. When you come to think of it everything looks perfect on the surface; their marriage and the fact that they are living a dream life in Paris. However, when the surface is scratched the real deal unfolds which is the lack of trust, personal conflicts and fixations, guilt, deception and the secrets that just keep piling up. All of it making their relationship nothing but fragile. This is what Belleville centers around.  Described as a “nail-biting psychological thriller” by New York Times, Belleville has a depth and uncertainty prevailing in the lives of these two characters.

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Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Utica Comets vs. Belleville Senators Utica Memorial Auditorium Utica Friday
11/17/2017 7:00 PM
Toronto Marlies vs. Belleville Senators Air Canada Centre Toronto Saturday
11/25/2017 1:30 PM
Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins vs. Belleville Senators Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza Wilkes Barre Saturday
1/6/2018 7:05 PM
Utica Comets vs. Belleville Senators Utica Memorial Auditorium Utica Saturday
2/10/2018 7:00 PM
Utica Comets vs. Belleville Senators Utica Memorial Auditorium Utica Friday
3/2/2018 7:00 PM

About Belleville

Amy Herzog, the playwright has done a commendable job in keeping the audience glued to the story as not even for a second one deviates from the play. As far as the building up of suspense and unveiling of the truth are concerned she has certainly hit the nail right on the head by unleashing the plot gradually.  As Amy Herzog unravels the story at a slow steady pace, another facet also comes into the light; the shattering of the sense of happiness that is portrayed at the beginning of the play. The irony lies in the fact that although the couple has been married for five years one expects they would know each other inside out but it turns out they are still struggling to figure each other out. Some of the scenes suggest they are good to each other only in each other’s presence but the truth is they try to keep a close check. Zack and Abby’s characters also make the audience wonder if they are actually contented with their lives or shall we say their five-year marriage. To dwell into Zack and Abby’s world, buy Belleville tickets that will show you a realistic portrayal of characters.
Another factor that acts as a fuel to fire in their relationship is the couple’s psychological issues. Although Zack, an AIDS researcher is successful at work but there still seems a void in his life as despite being married he still longs for affection. The suspense further builds up when much to Abby’s surprise he is once found at the apartment on a working day followed by an explanation suggesting he is hiding something from her. His drug addiction is another deal breaker. Moreover, instead of confronting one another both keep disappearing as though they need time on their own. Level of understanding is hardly seen in their relationship as Abby is constantly kept in the dark when it comes to the delaying in payment of the rent.
Not only that, Belleville also brings into picture Abby’s secrets, struggles and shortcomings. It is not only her husband who is dealing with medication as a result of hopelessness and absence of love in his life. In order to fight the psychological trauma post her mother’s death Abby too is completely reliant on anti-depressants which are a clear indication she is still not over the tragedy. Failing at becoming an actress is another cause of unhappiness in her life which makes her come to terms with being a yoga teacher. Thus, both are pre-occupied with their own problems and none takes the initiative to resolve them. Irony again steps in as it is made clear in the play that both move to Belleville, a foreign place away from their families, friends and relatives to avoid any intrusion. But instead of helping them get past the problems it worsens the situation and unleashes the bleakness their relationship has.
The play has met with positive response by the critics and the audiences for its incisive and realistic approach. Amy Herzog, known for plays like After the Revolution and 400 Miles has again lived up to her name with Belleville. Buying cheap Belleville tickets will ensure a pragmatic storyline with a convincing cast followed by an enjoyable theatrical experience.

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