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Belleville is a play that revolves around the most common relationship issues and complications faced by most of us. Written by America’s promising young playwright Ms. Herzog, Belleville is an intelligent production psychological thriller. Based on the story of a young couple hopelessly entangled and physically and emotionally dependent on their untrustworthy otherhalf, the play highlights the thin and tough barrier between the inside and outside realities. A portrayal of a marriage, sliding into crisis, the story is about the lengths people go to protect their love. The themes that are main focus of the play are resentment, insecurity and depression.

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Belleville had its premiere at Yale Reparatory Theatre in 2011. It was widely liked by the audience and was performed in various cities. It is known for presenting a thought provoking story relatable to many young couples of today. Belleville is a story of a young newly married American couple Abby and Zack who are ten years into their relationship. They lead a seemingly enviable life in the neighborhood of Belleville, Paris. Zack is a medical school graduate and researching on AIDS while Abby is a yoga instructor but unsuccessful to have a class. As the play progresses, we see how anxious the couple really is. Abby is battling crippling emotional issues while Zack is a compulsive liar.
Herzog’s play offers an eye opening tour and a thrilling ride. She targets contemporary American life and the central couple is no different than any other couple whose love is frayed by disappointments. The beauty of the play lies in its perfect setting and riveting production. Well written dialogues reveal the personalities of the characters. Lighting enhances the scenes, costumes convey the meaning wonderfully, sound contribute to several intense moments and anxiety flows right from the stage onto the audience. The subtly paced story is brilliantly performed by superb actors who make the play all the more emotionally revealing. The characters of insecure and defensive Abby and the irresponsible and vulnerable Zack are performed flawlessly.
Belleville will hold you captive to its twisted tale throughout the play. The play will be performed in Chicago and tickets are available. Buy your Belleville Chicago tickets and watch the story of the couple trying to fix their devastating life. It will definitely touch your soul and leave you awe struck.

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