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Being Shakespeare is a wonderful theatrical performance that has taken the spotlight in theaters all over the nation. The show gives audiences a wonderful experience of Shakespeare art and music like no other performance. It has definitely wowed fans and has done complete justice to William Shakespeare’s works or art. The performance depicts Shakespeare’s most influential masterpieces in a single carefully woven together act to create an unforgettable play. This has been done by non other than the talented and renowned actor Simon Callow. His work and superb acting skills have greatly contributed to the success of the show. Being Shakespeare has hit the top of the list of amazing theater entertainment.

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About Being Shakespeare

Being Shakespeare’s concept was developed by Jonathan Bates, a prominent director/producer in the filming industry. His drive for innovation and perfection led him to create a live show for audiences and Shakespeare’s fans like never before. Stepping aside from the film industry, Jonathan Bates invested his skill, time and talent to produce an epic stage creation. He played his cards right by hiring legendary actor and Shakespeare scholar Simon Callow to play the lead. Their teaming was bound to reap success and fame nationwide.
Coming towards the main highlight in the play “Being Shakespeare”, Simon Callow deserves the top spot. He is a professional actor and writer coming from London, UK, born in 1949. His years of experience in this field have made him one of the most honored and celebrated artists of time. Simon Callow spent his early life studying at the Queens University of Belfast and The Training Drama Center. Simon was a huge fan of William Shakespeare and was greatly influenced by his plays and dramas. His love for acting and singing took a professional turn when he made has debut performance at the Edinburgh festival. Simon enacted many plays of Shakespeare and gave life to his dream of acting and singing. His acting and skillful role playing made him a huge success instantly. Popular plays by Simon Callow include “Amadeus”, “Twelfth Night”, “Dr Marigold and Mr Chops”, and “A Christmas Carol”. His plays and shows are considered the greatest one-man shows ever. His love for entertainment has no limit and his passion has no end. Simon has also contributed to the field of writing, music producing, and filmmaking. Popular writing works include “Love is Where it Falls”, “My Life in Pieces”, and “Charles Dickens and the Great Theater of the World”.
Many popular actors and directors have reproduced and enacted William Shakespeare’s plays but none have done it as well as Simon Callow. Being Shakespeare has left all other Shakespeare plays far behind in the field of theater entertainment. The show has taken its success to many countries giving audiences the chance to experience real entertainment. Their tours and events are successful throughout the year, from London to Chicago, Being Shakespeare has been there.
Being Shakespeare is definitely a play that has no limit to perfection. From lights to stage effect, from singing to music, it is a glimpse of pure perfection. With Simon Callow in the lead role, what more could fans ask for? When audiences enter the theater they are mesmerized by the fantastic stage set up and wonderful backdrop that blurs reality. Simon Callow takes the audiences back in the days of William Shakespeare’s romance and classic poetry. Music and instrumentals lead the way for changing acts, intricately combined to keep audiences enwrapped in its magic. Being Shakespeare is undoubtedly a truly magical experience.
If you’re a huge fan of William Shakespeare and have a love for his art, then get a chance to view Being Shakespeare live in theaters now. This season of the show offers Being Shakespeare cheap Being Shakespeare tickets to fans, so hurry before they sell out. Take a leap into history and relive the monumental artwork of Shakespeare, an experience that shouldn’t be missed. Get you’re Being Shakespeare tickets from our website now.
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