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The Mayans are acknowledged in the annals of history as one of the most advanced of all civilizations. Their knowledge of celestial phenomena and the related mechanisms for tracking them baffles archeologists to this day, especially their long-count calendar that establishes the current epoch's start date some 5,125 years ago and is supposed to end on 21st December, 2012. Many entities have started cashing in on the related significance of 2012 and some cheap Apocalyptour San Francisco tickets will give you a chance to behold the musical shenanigans of just such a frivolity.

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The Apocalyptour San Francisco event will be part of the second US-wide tour of the theatrical company known as Starkid Productions that was spawned out of the symphonic calamity that befell the School of Music, Theater, and Dance at the University of Michigan in 2009.
Team StarKid has gained considerable musical mileage in the past three years with their parodied productions that have targeted typical geek fantasies such as The Hobbit, the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Harry Potter franchise, with related YouTube videos garnering more than a 100 million views.
The Apocalyptour San Francisco performance will feature material from their past melodious follies such as A Very Potter Musical, Me and My Dick and Holy Musical B@man! that were masterminded by current glee monger Darren Criss, A.J. Holmes and Nick Gage.
If you thought 2011's The SPACE Tour was out of this world, Apocalyptour will blow you to kingdom come. Nail down some Apocalyptour San Francisco tickets for undergoing an auditory apocalypse.

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